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Search Engine Customizer
You have several different options for viewing the various search engines that Excel.Net offers for their customers. Select from the following choices for viewing the engines, and remember that these settings can be changed at any time by returning to this page.

View All Engines - Default Choice
Click the button below to set your search page to always show all the engines. You will not be notified when new engines are added, but when you visit this page, you will be able to view all the search engines that are currently being used by Excel.Net

Customized View
Use the form below to select which search engines you would like visible when you visit the Excel.Net Search Engine page. You can also choose to be notified when a new search engine has been added the search engine listing that Excel.Net keeps.
Alta Vista Ask Jeeves All The Sites.com
Dogpile Excite Search Fast Search
Google GoTo.com HotBot
InfoPlease LookSmart Lycos
Mamma.com MSN Web Search MetaCrawler
NBCi Web Search Northern Light ProFusion
Sherlock Hound C|Net Search.com Togglebot
2 Trom WebCrawler Yahoo
    Notify me when new search engines become available.
  If this box is checked, you will receive a notice on our Home page and also on the Search Engine page notifying you of a new search engine that has been added. If you choose to display all engines, you will not receive notice, and the notice will appear until you turn it off.

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