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Excel.Net, Inc.						November 27, 1996
			      Newsletter #9

1.  We are adding additional lines at all of our locations to keep up with
the growth and increased usage.  In addition the lines being added to the
Sheboygan location will be capable of 33,600 access (other sites will be
upgraded shortly).  We have added all of the 33,600 lines at the end of
the search group.  To access the 33,600 modems first the phone number
needs to be changed to 208-3055.  If they are all in use you will be
switched over to the 28,800 modems automatically.  Please note that if you
have a modem that is 28,800 or less you should not change the phone number
as you will not receive any benefit from doing so and will only take away
the lines from others who can use the extra speed.  The following is the
schedule of line additions for all of the locations: 

	Site		Lines Added Total Lines	Date to be added
	===============	=========== ===========	================
	Sheboygan	     8          68      November 27 - ADDED!
	Plymouth	     5	 	30	December 4
	Fond du Lac	     5		20	December 10

2.  We have just about completed building our training center in the
Sheboygan location and intend to start teaching classes in the next couple
of weeks.  Initially we intend to offer: Beginning Internet.  This class
will go over making the connection to the Net,  Web browsers, and E-Mail.
We will be going over both Netscape and Internet Explorer for the web
browsers, and Eudora for the e-mail client.  Each of the classes (2-3
hours) will cost $35.00, however Excel.Net subscribers will receive a over
a 25% discount bringing the price to $25.00.  These classes will include
hands on training - two people per computer, and handouts going over the
areas covered in greater detail.  We will let you know when the schedule
has been determined.  In the near future we will be offering Intermediate
and Advanced Internet classes, as well as a series on Web page design.  If
you have any questions on this please feel free to send us a note at

3.  The holiday season is rapidly approaching and we once again will be
offering Gift Certificates for our services.  These certificates can be in
any amount, and can be used for either Internet access or for the classes.
If you are interested in getting a gift certificate let us know and we
will get one made up for you.

4.  We wanted to let everybody know what the plans are for office hours
during the holiday season.  We will be closed the following days so that
our employees are able to be with their families.  You will of course
still be able to access the Internet through our service. 

		Christmas		December 24th and 25th
		New Years		December 31st (open until 5:00pm)
					January 1st

5.  A lot of our customer have been asking is there is documentation for
the Eudora e-mail program.  This information is available for download at
the following location: 'http://www.eudora.com/light.html'.  Here you can
also find information about the latest versions available and also the
commercial program EudoraPro which has added capabilities.  You will
probably want to download the latest version so that your program will
match the documentation.

6.  We will be meeting with the bank on Friday afternoon to discuss
performing automatic withdrawls from customers checking accounts.  This
feature will hopefully be available in time for the January billing.  We
feel that this will offer a greater convenience for our customers and will
also help out with our account processing.  We currently post a large
number of checks and that requires a fair amount of time.  Finally, we
would like to remind all of you paying by check to write your e-mail
address in the note section to aid us in processing the payment against
the correct account.  More information should be available next week.

7.  We have a tip which may help your performance while browsing the web.
All of the browsers maintain what is known as a cache.  You can think of a
cache as a storage area where the computer keeps copies of web pages and
graphics that you have accessed most recently.  It looks there first,
before downloading the pages and pictures from the site.  The problem is
that over time this directory can get to contain 1000's of entries and
searching through them can actually slow the performance.  You may want to
try cleaning these out every so often using the appropriate directions
	Netscape (versions less than 2.0)
	1. Go into the Options/Preferences menu
	2. Select the Cache and Network page from the list at the top
	3. Press the Clear Memory Cache Now button and the Clear Disk
	   Cache Now button

	Netscape (version 2.0 or higher)
	1. Go into the Options/Network Preferences menu
	2. Select the Cache tab from the top of the window
	3. Press the Clear Memory Cache Now button and the Clear Disk
	   Cache Now button

	Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions)
	1. Go into the View/Options menu
	2. Select the Advanced tab from the top of the window
	3. Press the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files
	   section of the window
	4. Press the Empty Folder button

8.  US ROBOTICS OWNERS ONLY - While recently browsing through a magazine I
came across a potential problem with US Robotics modems.  What happens is
that for no apparent reason the modem will stop sending data.  If you have
a US Robotics modem you can check to see if yours is one of the problem
ones by going to: http://www.usr.com/home/online/trblshot/13015.htm and
running through the instructions that they have listed. 

9.  CARDINAL MODEM OWNERS - We have found a couple of our users who have
upgraded their 28,800 modems to the 33,600 technology and found that the
connection was more stable (and with the 33,600 modems hear, faster).  The
information for the modem upgrades is available on their website at:

10. WEB PAGE DESIGNERS - We have noticed that a number of you have been
creating web pages and storing them on our system.  If you would like to
have your page added to either the Users Page or Gold Pages (businesses
only) send a message to 'webmaster@excel.net' and give us the following
information - your name, the description for your page, and for Gold Page
listings the one or two categories that you would like to be listed under.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable.  We hope that you and your families have a safe and happy
holiday season!

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