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Excel.Net, Inc.						March 20, 1996

			     Newsletter #7

	We have a great deal of NEW information to pass along with this 
newsletter so please take a couple of minutes (off line of course :) and 
read this over or print it out and read it later.

1.	In order to allow our customers to access Excel.Net from any of 
our locations it is necessary for us to make some changes in our 
configuration.  We will be removing some entries which should no longer 
be needed under the present system.  If you have problems logging in 
afterwards give us a call so that we can check your login information.  
We are planning to make this change on Thursday, March 21st (along with a 
couple of other changes noted below).  

2.	Many of you at one time or another have been disconnected due to 
the timer on our system which will automatically hang up the line if 
there has been no activity for 10 minutes.  Beginning also on the 21st we 
will be changing the default timer to 20 minutes for all customers.  As 
an added enhancement we now have the ability to adjust this timer for 
individual dial-up accounts.  If you would like to have your default 
timer set to something else just drop us a line at 'techsupport@excel.net'.

3.	Since we are on the topic of tech support we would like to make the 
following request.  If you are able to make a connection and your e-mail
program is working, use our e-mail addresses instead of the phone.  We are
currently receiving/making in excess of 3,000 calls per month!  We will 
also start responding to e-mail messages ahead of phone messages, unless it
is a connection problem.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter
and ask that questions be sent to:
	techsupport@excel.net		Technical questions

	manager@excel.net		Billing/Administrative questions

4. We have been trying to establish office hours.  However, we ask that
you don't stop in for customer support without an appointment.  We would
prefer to handle customer support via e-mail, but if you would like to
stop in or find the need to call us, we are trying to be available during
the following times: 

	Monday through Saturday:   1:00pm to 5:00pm
	Monday through Thursday:   8:00pm to midnight

Although these are the only hours we will guarantee, we probably spend in
excess of 30 hours besides the ones listed above in the office.  If you
are trying to call and find yourself getting voice mail, please keep in
mind the number of calls we are handling and the possibility of the voice
line being tied up.  If you plan to stop in the office during the evening,
it is absolutely necessary that you telephone us prior to stopping by. 
The doors to the office building we are in get locked at 8:00pm.  Please
do not call our home at any time.  If we are there and not sleeping, we
like to forward our office phones there.  Please keep in mind that we
often check voice mail on days and times we aren't available for office 

5.	Excel.Net is now looking for part time help.  The times would be 
more fluctual at first but eventually we would like someone in the office 
during the morning hours.  The position would be part time.  If you are 
interested, please either e-mail or snail-mail us your resume and pay 
requirements before March 31, 1996.

6.	We are EXPANDING our service are to Fond du Lac!!!  The local 
dialup number for that area will be (414) 926-0258.  This site should 
be active the weekend of March 22nd, barring the phone company messing
things up.  We will be offering the same prices and quality of service in
that area so let all of your friends know.  The number which they should 
call to set up a new account is (414) 923-5403.

7.	In order to do some work on our system making the Fond du Lac
connection possible, we will need to temporary bring the Plymouth
connection down.  Although we will be doing our best to bring it up again
as quickly as possible, all people using the Plymouth dial-up will not be
able to connect on Thursday, March 21 starting at 11:00 pm.  We apologize
for the inconvenience.  Feel free to use our Sheboygan dial-up number
452-0513 if necessary to connect during this time. 

8.	PRICING CHANGES.  Effective April 1st we will be lowering our access
rates to the following:

	$10/month for  10 hours, $1/hour after      (same as before)
	$20/month for  60 hours, $1/hour after
	$40/month for 120 hours, $0.50/hour after

	Users who are currently enrolled in the $50/100 plan will 
automatically be changed to the $40/120 plan.  Anyone else who would like 
to change plans should contact us before the April 1st.  We will also be 
able to accept the Discover Card for payment if you would prefer.  The 
contract will be amended as stated in paragraph 18 below.

	We would also like to address the following question which has been
repeatedly coming up:   When will you offer "unlimited" access?

	Our basic response is that we do NOT plan to offer this level of
service.  We have the following reasons for this:

	-  It promotes abuse of the system, giving people no incentive to 
	   log off, increasing the likelihood of a busy signal.  Also we
	   feel that this makes it necessary for the casual user to absorb
	   the costs of the mega-user.

	-  We are providing T1 (HIGH speed) access, as opposed to other
	   services which offer a reduced rate.  This means that as they add
	   users there will be a significant performance degradation.

	-  Over 90% of our customers are using less than 60 hours/month and
	   probably do not need any more than that.  Therefore the service
	   can be considered "unlimited" for them.

	-  Customers who are using the $10/10 plan should not be forced into
	   a higher rate if that is not the level of connection they want.

	-  "Unlimited" providers will not be so willing to maintain a no busy
	   signal policy, as they will be collecting a fixed fee no 
	   matter if you get connected or not.  We try (phone companies 
	   willing) to maintain a level of service where you do not ever get
	   a busy signal.

	-  We allow customers to keep their account on a month by month basis
	   and do not require long term contracts.  

	-  We have several businesses and families using multiple logins at 
	   the same time.  Providers with "unlimited" time packages only allow
	   one customer to each account.  This could get quite costly under 
	   their plan for several of our customers.

9.	We have been starting to have quite a few problems with several of our 
customers making late payments with cash or check.  Please be more 
careful with making payments on time.  We are adding an additional clause 
to our contract stating that the minimum of $5.00 or 1-1/2% be charged 
monthly on all delinquent accounts.  All contract changes are stated in 
paragraph 18 below.

10. 	We will now be accepting Discover Card in addition to Mastercard and
Visa.  If you would like change your account over to this type of payment,
please contact us at your earliest convenience with your Discover card
number and expiration date. 

11. 	We are proud to announce a new web page called "The Excel.Net Gold
Pages"   We have been putting quite a bit of time into it over the last few
weeks.  We would like to thank Connie Schachel of Web Results for the
excellent idea along with all her time and effort in putting together this
page.  All businesses, irregardless if they are customers or not, can get
a simple page designed at no charge.  If you are interested in this,
please contact Connie at Web.Results@Excel.Net.  If you would like
something a bit more fancy, I am sure she would be willing to work
something out with you.  This page will be replacing the Business page,
the Users page, the Community page and the Real Estate page.  We are
trying to list all of our business customers irregardless if they have a
page on our system.  If you would like your name listed and don't see it
there, please contact Manager@Excel.Net with the business name and
category you would like to be placed in.  If you see your name listed but
would like to be removed, please let us know as soon as possible. The page
is located at http://www.excel.net/gold

12. 	We are now changing our prices for web page storage to allow customers
to store more than one page for a lower price if they don't want an entire
5 megabyte block.  After the first page, you can store another page (up to
1 megabyte including images) for only an additional charge of $5/month.  
Of course $25 will still get you an unlimited number of pages up to 5 
megabytes.  Revised paragraph 6 of the contract is stated in paragraph 18 

13.	We are changing the limitations on the amount of e-mail we will 
allow our customers to store on our system.  Please try to limit the 
amount of e-mail being stored on our system to 2 megabytes.  We will not 
guarantee storage of electronic data larger than that in size.  Also keep 
in mind that we don't guarantee storage of e-mail more than 30 days.  
Revised paragraph 5 of the contract is stated in paragraph 18 below.

14.	We intend to remove all users shell access to the system.  If you 
are currently using your shell account, please e-mail us and let us know 
what you use the shell account for.  Otherwise, we will be removing 
access to this beginning April 1st.  If you do not know what shell access 
is don't worry, it will not affect what you are used to doing on Excel.Net.
For those of you who are using your shell accounts, we will now be 
limiting the amount of storage you can put in your home directory to 1 
megabyte of space.  If you need additional space, please contact us and 
we will try to work something out.  Updated paragraph 5 of the contract 
is stated in paragraph 18 below.

15. 	Macintosh Users:  We are pleased to announce that we have a person who
is willing to help Mac users get connected.  His name is Mr. Harold Biebel, a
teacher at South High school, who has graciously been helping us out.  We
would ask that you contact him via e-mail if at all possible with your
questions.  His e-mail address is 'hbiebel@excel.net' or he can be reached
at 458-3168.  Also, he would like to begin putting out a Macintosh
specific newsletter.  We are planning to give him a list of our Mac users. 
If you do NOT want to be included on this list please e-mail us at
'manager@excel.net' and let us know. 

16.	Netscape 2.01:  Most of you have probably realized that 
Netscape has released a new version of their browser software.  It has 
many new features which make browsing the web more exciting.  Over the 
next couple of days we intend to post instructions for downloading the 
software on our web site.  Go to 'http://www.excel.net/' and follow the 
'For Members Only' link.

17.	I am in the process of massively rewriting the installation 
software.  If it was necessary for you to change the default modem string 
for your setup I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me what we 
used at 'techsupport@excel.net'.  This will enable us to more easily 
configure future customers, freeing up more time to answer your other 
non-connection questions.  Please include the following information:

	- Modem manufacturer, model number and speed
	- What is the initialization string being used
		- In Trumpet Winsock go to the Dialler/Setup.cmd menu and
		  press OK past the phone number.  The next screen has the
		  initialization string.
		- For the Macintosh, start the config PPP software and then
		  press the configure button.  The string will be shown on
		  the next screen
	- What is the baud rate you are connecting at
		- In Trumpet Winsock this is found in the File/Setup menu
		- For Macintosh this is in the config PPP software under the
		  configure button

18.	Contract changes will be effective April 1 to the following 
paragraphs 5, 6 and 7.  Go to the "Excel.Net Customers Only" page for a 
complete copy of the contract.

		"5.  ELECTRONIC DATA.  Excel.Net, Inc. agrees to store all
	electronic data without charge for thirty (30) calendar days, does not
	guarantee storage of data larger than two (2) accumulated megabytes of
	space for e-mail purposes or one (1) accumulated megabyte of space for 
	storage in Customer's home directory.  Excel.Net, Inc. will not be 
	responsible for loss or nondelivery of electronic data.

		"6.  WEB PAGE STORAGE.  Each customer is allowed to store a 
	single page (up to 1 Megabyte in size, including all 
	images/attachments) at no charge beyond the basic service charge 
	listed in Paragraph 7.  If customer needs additional storage space or 
	pages, each additional page is $5/month up to one Megabyte in size.  A 
	monthly charge of $25 will allow each customer 5 Megabytes of storage 
	for an unlimited number of pages with an additional charge of $5/month 
	for each additional 1 Megabyte or storage. 

		"7.  BILLING.  Payment for the basic service is due monthly in
	advance.  Excel.Net, Inc. agrees to provide each customer with one of 
	the basic packages:  a maximum of sixty (60) hours of online time for 
	the minimum cost of $20.00 plus applicable taxes; a maximum of ten 
	(10) hours of online time for the minimum cost of $10.00 plus 
	applicable taxes; or a maximum of one hundred (120) hours of online 
	time for the minimum cost of $50.00 plus applicable taxes. The total 
	amount to be paid is determined on the total hours of usage with a 
	minimum monthly payment being determined by the package chosen.  Hours 
	of online usage exceeding the minimum time will be billed at $1.00 per 
	hour (or $.50 per hour for the $40/120 hour plan) plus applicable taxes 
	thereafter.  If families or businesses wish to have one account being 
	billed to the same name or business with more than one E-Mail address 
	for each account, we will provide up to three (3) additional e-mail 
	logins and passwords with separate e-mail addresses at no charge.
	Customers can pay with either cash, check or credit card.  A penalty 
	of $25.00 will be assessed with returned checks or rejected credit
	card charges for any reason.  Charges incurred by user beyond the basic
	service shall be invoiced and paid with the next months pre-payment
	billing.  If payment is not made by user within 30 days after the 
	billing date, late charges of the greater of $5 or one and one-half 
	percent (1-1/2%) per month shall be due and payable.  Failure to remit 
	payment may result in suspension of this service, or be reason for 
	termination of this contract without notice to Customer and at the sole 
	discretion of Excel.Net, Inc."


	- Free Internet classes... coming soon!!!
	- More Web page storage for free with your account!!!

	If you have any comments or questions concerning the items we 
have listed above feel free to write us an e-mail message and we will be 
sure to get back to you.  Thank you for choosing Excel.Net as your 
Internet access provider.


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