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			     NEWSLETTER #6
			    January 8, 1996	

Back by popular demand.... it's Excel.Net Newsletter Time!!!!

1.  The big news!!!  Excel.Net now has a home page for Excel.Net customers
only.  On this page you can find out how much time you have used so far by
typing in your e-mail login and password (this is the login that does NOT
start with a "P").  You can also look at whose web pages are getting the
most hits and you can view the contract you signed when you signed up
and even review all of the previous newsletters.  Be sure to check it out! 
Just start at our home page (http://www.excel.net) and follow the links. 

2.  We have ordered 10 more lines and modems - 5 will be added to 
Sheboygan and 5 will be added to Plymouth.  We will not need to go down 
for the Sheboygan addition, but we will need to shut down the system for 
approximately 2 hours for the Plymouth addition.  Hopefully we will be 
able to make the addition this weekend but we will let you know closer to 
the date (we can't rely on the date GTE has given us).  The new Sheboygan 
lines should be active on Monday, January 15, however.

3.  We are making two small changes to our contract.  The first change
affects pricing.  All customers who are on the $50/100 hour plan pay $.50
per hour after they reach 100 hours instead of $1.00.  If you are on the
$20/40 hour plan or the $10/10 hour plan, you will still be paying $1/hour
for each hour incurred over and above your minimum charge.  The second
change is in regards to our disclaimer.  We will not be held responsible
for any of the actions you perform while using the services we offer.  Items
numbered 7 and 3 of the contract will be replaced with the following: 

		7.  BILLING.  Payment for the basic service is due monthly in
	advance.  Excel.Net, Inc. agrees to provide each customer with one of 
	the basic packages:  a minimum of forty (40) hours of online time for 
	the cost of $20.00 plus applicable taxes; a minimum of ten (10) hours 
	of online time for the cost of $10.00 plus applicable taxes; or a 
	minimum of one hundred (100) hours of online time for the cost of 
	$50.00 plus applicable taxes. The total amount to be paid is 
	determined on the total hours of usage with a minimum monthly payment 
	being determined by the package chosen.  Hours of online usage 
	exceeding the minimum time will be billed at $1.00 per hour (or $.50 
	per hour for the $50/100 hour plan) plus applicable taxes thereafter.  
	If families or businesses wish to have one account being billed to the 
	same name or business with more than one E-Mail address for each 
	account, we will provide up to three (3) additional e-mail logins and 
	passwords with separate e-mail addresses at no charge.  Customers can 
	pay with either cash, check or credit card.  A penalty of $25.00 will 
	be assessed with returned checks or rejected credit card charges for 
	any reason.  Charges incurred by user beyond the basic service shall be 
	invoiced and paid with the next months pre-payment billing.  If payment 
	is not made by user within 30 days after the billing date, late charges 
	of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month shall be due and 
	payable.  Failure to remit payment may result in suspension of this 
	service, or be reason for termination of this contract without notice
	to Customer and at the sole discretion of Excel.Net, Inc. 

		3.  DISCLAIMER.  Customer agrees use of the Internet is at
	Customer's sole risk.  Excel.Net, Inc. does not warrant the service 
	will be error-free or uninterruptible and will not be responsible for 
	any damages Customer may incur.  The service is distributed on an 
	"as is" basis without warranties of any kind.  Excel.Net, Inc. is not 
	responsible for any of the actions that Customer performs while using 
	the services offered by Excel.Net, Inc.  Customer agrees to hold 
	Excel.Net, Inc. harmless from all claims resulting from Customer's 
	violation of state and federal laws, including but not limited to 
	copyrighted material. Excel.Net, Inc. is not responsible for the 
	truthfulness or reliability of information available on the Internet. 

4.  Several people have asked if there is a way to store e-mail addresses 
with the Eudora program.  There is a simple way to do this.  Simply click 
on "special" and then "nicknames"  Type a nickname under "nicknames" and 
their address under "addresses".  For example.  If you type "Shelly" under 
"nicknames" and "SWeidig@Excel.Net" under "addresses" then when you 
want to send me mail, you simply have to put "Shelly" in the "To:" 
section of your email.  Another possibility would to be to type 
"Excel.Net" under "nickname" and then type both "SWeidig@Excel.Net" and 
"LWeidig@Excel.Net" under "addresses"  Then if you put "Excel.Net" in the 
"To:" section, both Larry and I would get a copy of the letter addressed 
this way.

5.  We would like to congratulate Kurt Bruegl who won the referral 
contest we were running October-December, 1995.  Kurt won unlimited usage 
time for the month of January.  Kurt still received the $5.00 referral 
fees for all 6 referrals he received.  Thanks to everyone for all the 
kind words about Excel.Net.

6.  If anyone is having problems with the news server or is looking for
any particular newsgroup that they cannot get through our server, please
e-mail Larry or myself with the information.  We don't host this
information at our site, but we can still request that new groups be added
to the list of newsgroups. 

7.  For those of you who have spent time and/or money designing a web 
page and want to register it with the various search engines, we have a 
web site that makes it quite simple.  Just go to http://www.submit-it.com

8.  We have a few users showing interest in a computer club in Sheboygan. 
This computer club would be general in nature and open to anyone with an
interest in computers.  If you or any of your friends would be interested
in being part of this club, please contact either myself or Gary Low at

9.  We have a customer who is interested in getting together with other 
users who are interested in Visual Basic programming language.  If you 
have an interest in this topic or know of anyone else who may be 
interested, please contact either gmenart@excel.net or rmenart@excel.net

10.  Are you a Windows95 user looking for the newest shareware software?  
One of our customers found a mailing list that he finds quite useful for 
this.  Just go to http://www.islandnet.com/~sword/win95.html  and follow 
the instructions for signing up.  Thanks, Brian, for the wonderful tip.

11.  One of our customers in Plymouth named Jerry Klabunde recently 
received a heart transplant at the University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Hospital.  The family is looking for support.  If you are willing to make 
a small donation, please either stop by a Kohler Credit Union, call 
892-2726 or e-mail SPfeifer@Excel.Net.  Best wishes to Jerry and his 
family for a safe recovery.

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