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Excel.Net Newsletter #5					November 24, 1995

		      W E B M A S T E R    S P E C I A L
		      =================    =============

Hopefully this newsletter will have some interesting information for
people creating web pages.  We also have a couple of other pieces of
information to pass along. 

1.  For those of you who have noticed the counter on our home page and 
would like to have the same on yours here is the command which needs to 
be added (this is not for the faint of heart!):

In the position of the where you want the counter, place a command which
looks like:

	ft 	= frame thickness (0 or greater)
			0 = no frame
	frgb 	= this will set the color of the frame, each number must
		  be in the range of 0-255 (*)
	tr	= transparency (0=off,1=on)
	trgb	= these are the color values (0-255) that you want to make
		  transparent (*)
	wxh	= This is the width and height of the digits as given below
		  in the digits section
	md	= Defines the maximum number of digits, which must be between
		  5 and 10
	dd	= Digits directory which must be one of the following:
		  Letter	Width	Height	Description
		  ------        -----   ------  -----------
		    A		  15       20   Digital numbers
		    B             15       20   Odometer numbers
		    C 		  15	   20	Normal numbers
		    D		   9       13   Small digital
	st	= Starting value which is not used and should be set to 0
	sh	= Show (0=no, 1=yes), used to count the number of hits 
		  without actually displaying a counter
	df	= This is the name of the counter file.  You can only use the
		  counter once a filename has been assigned to you by 
		  us.  You can get a name assigned by sending e-mail to:

Example (this is ours):


(*) A good site to go to to see Netscape colors is: 

2.  For those of you who like to add some icons (lines, arrows, 
balls,...) to your web page we have the solution for you.  If you point 
your web browser to http://www.excel.net/icons/ you will get a directory 
of icons which are available.  To view one of the icons or to go into a 
subdirectory simply click on the title.  By using the icons in this 
directory the image size will not be included in the 1MB page limit.  In
order to reference these icons within your page you need to code your pages 
similar to the following examples:

We will be adding icons into this directory on a regular basis, so check
back and see if we have what you need.  It will help us to keep the
storage at a minimum, while still providing a lot of alternative graphics
for design. 

3.  A lot of people seem to be having problems getting Microsoft Exchange 
(which is included in Windows95) configured properly.  There is an 
excellent web site which explains the steps needed to configure the 
program.  You can get to this tutorial in the following manner:

    a.  Go to the Excel.Net home page (http://www.excel.net)
    b.  Click on the Windows95.com icon
    c.  On their main page click on Internet TCP/IP Connectivity
    d.  Then click TCP/IP Setup
    e.  And finally click Internet Mail w/Exchange

Hopefully this will get you going.  Exchange is a very powerful program
and if you do not want to use its power (and learning curve) you may want
to stick with the mail program you are currently using. 

4.  We are expanding!!!  We have placed an order with Ameritech to have 5
additional lines installed in the Sheboygan office.  The date which they
have given us for installation is December 7th.  We will need to take the
system down for a short period to get these lines installed.  We will let
you know when that will be when we get closer to that time.  Also, we have
placed an order with GTE to expand into the Plymouth area.  They move even
slower that Ameritech (and do not appear to be very organized).  They have
been given a installation date around the middle of December but they have
changed our installation date several times already so bear with us.  We
will let everybody know the number and installation date as soon as it has
been finalized. 

5.  Looking for a good Christmas idea?  How about an Excel.Net Gift
Certificate?  You can subtract your $5 referral from your certificate if
you plan on presenting it to a new customer AND you can count that
referral in the contest that is running.  Don't forget that whoever gets
the most referrals during the months of October, November and December
gets a free unlimited month of January.  The sole winning person only has
3 referrals, so everyone still has a good chance.  Keep in mind that our 
Plymouth site should be up and running by Christmas! 

6.  Due to complaints we have been receiving from customers, we ask that 
all customers please refrain from soliciting other customers.  If the 
problem continues, we will have to discontinue to allow shell account 
access.  Please keep in mind that if you have something that you think 
would be useful to all customers, you can E-mail us and we could add it 
to our Newsletter, provided it meets our approval. 

7.  Some of you may have noticed we now have a link on our page to show 
you how many modems are busy.  Just go to the Excel.Net Home Page 
(http://www.excel.net) and click on "Check modem usage for Excel.Net"  
This will tell you how many modems we have and how many are being used.  
We have been getting quite a bit more customer and business pages too so 
it may be worth your time to check them out.

8.  We recently ordered new business cards that are now in.  The new 
cards contain our new address and fax number.  Several of you have been 
asking for them so if you would like one, let me know or just stop in 
some day and visit and we would be glad to give you a couple.

     ___                                                         _\\|//_
    /   ) ')        ') ')                                        (-0-0-)
    \_    /_   _    /  /     ----------------------------------oo0-(_)-0oo---
      \  /  ) /_)  /  / / )       Shelly K. Weidig a/k/a Seashell
 (____/ /  / (_,  /  / (_/      Shelly.Weidig@Excel.Net (Administrator)
                        /     http://www.excel.net/seashell/sweidig.html
                    `--'    Excel.Net: Ph:(414)452-0455  Fax:(414)452-8118


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