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                          EXCEL.NET NEWSLETTER #4
			      October 3, 1995

Back by popular demand is another famous newsletter from Excel.Net.  If 
anybody ever has a tidbit of information they would like to share with 
everyone, just let me know and I would be happy to include it in our next 

1.  MORE MODEMS.  Because we expect more usage out of our customers
starting October 1 with the new prices, we have added 5 new lines for a
total now of 20 data lines coming into our office.  We did not have to
shut down the system for the installation, however. 

2.  NEW FAX NUMBER.  With the installation of the new lines came a new fax
line so we can have our fax machine in the office instead of our home.  Of
course this means a new fax number.  Please make a note of this and maybe
cross out the old number from your business card.  Our new fax number is

3.  WINDOWS 95.  For those of you who have purchased or plan to purchase
Windows 95, we have put together a set of configuration instructions on
how to properly set up your windows 95 to use with our system.  Just drop
me an e-mail and I will gladly e-mail them to you. 

4.  INTERNET CLASSES.  The University of Wisconsin Sheboygan Center
Continuing Education Extension Office offers a very good Internet class
taught by Professor Dick Jarosch.  It includes lab time too.  The first
class is being taught October 9 and 11 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. and the second
class is being taught November 4 from 9:00-noon and 1:00-4:00 p.m.  The
class costs $40.00.  If you are interested, please call (414)459-6617. 

5.  KOHLER COMPUTER FAIR.  There will be a computer fair at Kohler public
schools in the school gym on Saturday, October 14, 1995 from 1:00 until
4:00 p.m.  This fair will be open to the public and is free of charge. 
Stop by our booth and say hello.  It looks like they have a pretty good 
lineup set up.  Hope to see you there.

6.  NEW BILLING STATEMENTS.  We are implementing a new billing program
this month so your statements may look a bit different.  If any of you get
bills that do not look right, please notify us as soon as possible. 
Although the statement will indicate that credit cards are billed the day
of the statement, we will be holding that back for 3 days in case there
are errors on the statement.  For those you you who received a referral
credit, it will appear as a credit to the balance brought forward for the
first month.  You should be expecting your new bill within the next few 
days as we are still doing testing on it.

7.  WEB PAGES.  For all of you who are planning on putting up a web page
we have a couple of pointers.  First, it is necessary that you name the
files for your free web pages in the following manner.  If my e-mail login
is 'jdoe' then my web page should be called 'jdoe.htm' and any images that
I would like to include should be called 'jdoe01.gif' or 'jdoe02.jpg'. 
This will help us to keep everybodys pages together.  Second, you may want
to know how to get us your pages.  The simplest method is to use the FTP
program.  You will need to set up 'excel.net' as your host and then use
your e-mail name and password for the login.  This will put you in your
home directory on our system once you connect.  This will then take you to
a screen where you can transfer the files from your hard drive over to our
system.  Make sure when you transfer the web page itself that you are in
'ascii' mode and when you transfer images that it is in 'binary' mode. 
After you get the files on our system just drop Larry a line
(lweidig@excel.net) and let him know what they are called.  He will try to
get them on the web ASAP.  If you have any questions about this direct
them to Larry. 

8.  ADDITIONAL E-MAIL ADDRESSES.  We will now be allowing each account to
set up additional users for e-mail purposes at no charge.  What this means
is your spouse or child can have their own e-mail address at no extra
charge.  There will be only one ppp login and password but you can have
additional e-mail logins and passwords at no charge.  There is a limit of
3 additional email accounts per basic account, however.  If you currently
have 'family accounts' and are paying extra for additional e-mail
addresses, we should be notifying you in the near future to delete out
your second ppp login and password.  If you would like to keep a second
ppp login and password, however, we will gladly allow you to have such,
but it will be treated separately from the first account but could be 
billed either separately or as an addition to a parent account.  Please 
e-mail me if you would like additional e-mail accounts. 

9.  CONTRACT CHANGES.  We have made a change to our Excel.Net, Inc. 
Internet Operating Agreement.  The following paragraph replaces the 
current paragraph 7.

	     7.  BILLING.  Payment for the basic service is due monthly in 
        advance.  Excel.Net, Inc. agrees to provide each customer with one
	of the basic packages:  a minimum of forty (40) hours of online time 
	for the cost of $20.00 plus applicable taxes; a minimum of ten (10) 
	hours of online time for the cost of $10.00 plus applicable taxes; or a 
	minimum of one hundred (100) hours of online time for the cost of 
	$50.00 plus applicable taxes.  The total amount to be paid is 
	determined on the total hours of usage with a minimum monthly payment 
	being determined by the package chosen.  Hours of online usage 
	exceeding the minimum time will be billed at $1.00 per hour plus 
	applicable taxes thereafter.  If families or businesses wish to
	have one account being billed to the same name or business with more 
	than one E-Mail address for each account, we will provide up to three 
	(3) additional e-mail logins and passwords with separate e-mail 
	addresses at no charge.  Customers can pay with either cash, check or 
	credit card.  A penalty of $25.00 will be assessed with returned checks 
	or rejected credit card charges for any reason.  Charges incurred by 
	user beyond the basic service shall be invoiced and paid with the next 
	months pre-payment billing.  If payment is not made by user within 30 
	days after the billing date, late charges of one and one-half percent 
	(1 1/2%) per month shall be due and payable.  Failure to remit payment 
	may result in suspension of this service, or be reason for termination
	of this contract without notice to Customer and at the sole discretion 
	of Excel.Net, Inc.

10.  REFERRAL CONTEST.  We will be having a contest throughout the months 
of October, November and December.  Whoever gets the most referrals 
during that three month period will receive a free month of Internet 
access during the month of January, 1996.  There will be no limit to the 
number of free hours so start recruiting new customers right away.  Good 
luck to all.  :)

     ___                                                         _\\|//_
    /   ) ')        ') ')                                        (-0-0-)
    \_    /_   _    /  /     ----------------------------------oo0-(_)-0oo---
      \  /  ) /_)  /  / / )       Shelly K. Weidig a/k/a Seashell
 (____/ /  / (_,  /  / (_/      Shelly.Weidig@Excel.Net (Administrator)
                        /     http://www.excel.net/seashell/sweidig.html
                    `--'    Excel.Net: Ph:(414)452-0455  Fax:(414)452-8118


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