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                              Newsletter #36

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

* 5G Wireless
* Operating Agreement Update

== New Wireless Service - 5G ==

Excel.Net is proud to announce our new 5G Wireless Internet service. This
upgrade to our Wireless Internet service provides faster speeds, allowing 
you to make use of the wide variety of digital distribution systems 
available on today’s Internet. You'll be able to watch multiple Netflix 
and Hulu video streams simultaneously while Junior plays an online game, 
with no fighting over bandwidth and no slowdowns when people use the 
Internet ‘too much’ at the same time. For additional information about 
wireless Internet service please visit:

For our residential and small business customers we now offer a wider 
variety of plans. The Basic plan is sufficient for a couple of people to 
make use of the connection simultaneously to browse and watch standard def 
video, all at only $34.99 a month. If that's not fast enough for you, we 
offer other wireless plans:

   * Family - $42.99/mo. This plan is focused on allowing multiple people 
              to use the Internet for video and music streaming, gaming, 
              and downloading.
   * Professional - $49.99/mo. This plan allows multiple high definition 
              video streams and increased performance when connecting to 
              remote access services such as VPNs or remote desktops.
   * Ultimate - $69.99/mo. This plan gives blazing fast speeds, allowing
              you to download entire programs and movies in the blink of 
              an eye!

For our commercial customers the 5G wireless service offers many enhanced 
services as well.  With download speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 50Mbps we are 
sure to have a plan that meets your business needs, as well as new optional 
extras, such as our Real-Time Protection service plan and customized upload
speeds. Please feel free to give us a call and discuss the options available 
for your site!

We currently have nine towers that offer this new service and will be 
expanding our coverage going forward.  These towers that we currently have 
up and running are:
    - Sheboygan, North - This tower is located along Interstate 43
      near the Kohler Memorial Drive exit. The tower is on the
      west side of the highway, north of the ramps
    - Sheboygan, Industrial Park - This tower is located in the 
      industrial park on the south side, just west of the Piggly
      Wiggly near the intersection of Washington Street and 
      S. Business Drive
    - Sheboygan, Downtown - This equipment is located on the roof 
      of the US Bank building in downtown Sheboygan
    - Oostburg, WI - This tower is located in the industrial park 
      just south of the Interstate 43 exit.
    - Plymouth, WI - This tower is located on the Kettle Moraine
      ridge, just south of State Highway 67 about 5 miles west 
      of Plymouth.
    - Waldo, WI - This equipment is located on the water tower tank
    - Random Lake, WI - This equipment is located on County Highway 
      SS approximately 3 miles northwest of Random Lake
    - Kiel, WI - This equipment is located on the water tower tank
      on the southeast side of town near the Highway 32/57/67 
    - Chilton, WI - This equipment is located on the water tower tank
      on the south side of town on Highway 32 near the drive-in movie 

Have Excel.Net's current wireless service and interested in upgrading?  
If you are within the coverage area of the towers mentioned above you should
be able to get our new 5G wireless service. Installations are free with 3 
year service contract.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for 5G today at:

== Operating Agreement Update ==

We have made a few changes to the operating agreement and the services 
offered to reflect these changes. For the complete version of the 
agreement please visit our web site at:


To summarize:

    * Clarification of the units used to define speeds on our 
      Service Information Sheets.

    * Addition of static IP address options to Residential and 
      Small Business plans. 

    * Definition of Excel.Net service protection plans.

Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have
any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free
to let us know by e-mailing support@excel.net.  We appreciate
your business and hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.


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