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Excel.Net, Inc.                                       August 25, 2004
                              Newsletter #34

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

* New Wireless Towers Added
* E-commerce site pricing lowered
* Job Opening Technical Support
* Spam Filter Enhancement
* NFL Pickem
* New Employees - Jonathan, Brian
* Operating Agreement Updates
* Labor Day

== New Wireless Towers Added ==
     Excel.Net has added two additional locations to our wireless
coverage area.  The first tower is located West of Plymouth near
the intersection of Hwy 67 and Hwy S.  The second location we have
added is in Chilton on top of the water tank near Wal-Mart.  To get
more detailed maps on the locations that where we currently offer
our wireless service please take a look at:


     If you are in our coverage area and would like to signup for 
the service please fill out the online form located at:


After filling out the form you will be contacted by one of our 
schedulers to setup a date and time for our installers to come out
to your location!

== E-commerce site pricing lowered ==
     More and more people are shopping online and purchasing items 
from the Internet.  If you are a merchant looking to get your site
up and running using an easy to manage solution, we have what you 
are looking for!  Now we have reduced the pricing to make it even
easier for you to get started with your online business.  For
more information about this take a look at:


== Job Opening Technical Support ==
     Excel.Net is currently seeking a full time person for technical
support.  The job will be based out of our Sheboygan office and 
will include helping customers with their Internet related problems
and getting new customers setup.  If this sounds like the job you
are looking for and are a self-motivated individual with the desire
to help other people visit our web site at:


This job will be filled very quickly.  If you are interested, do 
not delay!

== Spam Filter Enhancement ==
     One of the most requested enhancements for our spam filter site
was the addition of the ability to search for a message within the
list of filtered items.  This feature has been added and available
for customers to use for a while.  Not using the spam filter?  Login
to our web site and check out the site located at:


     Just a reminder that in addition to spam filtering Excel.Net 
also offers e-mail virus filtering for a small fee.  For more 
information about this check out:


== NFL Pickem ==
     Once again Excel.Net will be hosting the weekly NFL Pickem game.  
This is your chance to show off your prognostication skills and
compete against other football fans.  Each week you pick the teams 
that you believe will win and then as a tiebreaker the total score 
for the Monday night game.  You are also allowed to drop your one 
lowest score for the final standings.  This is open to anyone that is
interested in participating.  Last year we had over 200 players
competing for the top spot.  The address for this is:


where your first step will be to create an account.  We look
forward to seeing you in the game.  Good luck!

== New Employees - Brian, Jonathan ==
	Excel.Net would like to introduce our latest technical support
representatives Brian and Jonathan.  Many of you that have called in
for support have probably had the opportunity to work with one of them
to get your problems resolved.
     Here is what Brian has to say about himself:  Single Male Techrep 
seeks attractive female geek to share quality time, mp3s.  Left brain 
fixes the car and writes software; Right brain enjoys drawing, writing, 
and making mix tapes.  Cerebellum is all about Shito Ryu karate.
     Jonathan was born and raised in Racine and moved to Sheboygan in
1996.  When he is not working at Excel.Net he enjoys playing computer
games, water skiing and snowmobiling.
     We are pleased to have both of these guys helping our customers
to get their problems resolved and are sure you will enjoy working 
with them if the need arises.

== Operating Agreement Updates ==     
     We have made a few changes to the operating agreement and the 
services offered to reflect these changes.  Many of these changes 
are being made in response to feedback from our customer regarding
the service and ways we can enhance it!  For the complete version
of the agreement please visit our web site at:


A summary of the main changes that have been made are as follows:

* Addition of the small business wireless plan to many sections.  This
plan is very similar to residential, but takes into account the fact
that we are installing in commercial buildings.

* Increased the amount of web space included with the service from 
3MB to 5MB!  Also reduced the cost for additional storage to $2/MB 
per month.  If you were paying for additional storage your account
will be adjusted before the next billing goes out.

* Increased the transfer limit on residential and small business
wireless accounts from 2GB to 4GB per month!  You can now download
twice as much as previously allowed!  Wireless upload speeds on
these two plan types will also be reduced to optimize network
traffic and utilization.  Most customer traffic is download and
speeds will remain the same for this.

* Added section 15 to the agreement to more clearly define the
warranties and replacement policies on equipment purchased from

* Added virus addendum to agreement for the virus filtering service
that we offer to our customers.

     These changes will go into effect on September 1st when the next
billing cycle begins.  If you have any questions or comments regarding
these changes please e-mail them to manager@excel.net.

== Labor Day ==
     Excel.Net offices will be closed on Monday, September 6th so that
our employees are able to enjoy the holiday.  You will be able to
use the Internet of course.  If you need to contact us, either send
an e-mail to techsupport@excel.net or leave a voice message and a
technical support representative will contact you on Tuesday when we
return to the office.  
     Enjoy the holiday!

     Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have
any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free
to let us know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate
your business and hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.

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