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                          EXCEL.NET NEWSLETTER #3
			       July 29, 1995

	Once again it is time to let our customers in on some of the 
changes which have been taking place at Excel.Net.  The following are 
some items which you will want to take note of and also take advantage 

	1.  THE BIG NEWS:  We will be moving out of our basement and into an 
office building beginning August 1st.  This will mean that the service 
will be down on that day to make the move into the new office.  The 
office will be located in the Salzwedel building (downtown Sheboygan, 
above the Coldwell Bankers office).  The exact address for the new office is:

		Excel.Net, Inc.
		728 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite J
		Sheboygan, WI  53081

	Not only are we changing locations but we will also be upgrading 
our services.  We will be increasing the link from a 56K leased line to a 
T1 (1.544MBps) leased line.  This is approximately 24 times faster than 
the line we are currently using.  We will be putting all of the equipment 
in place at the time of the move.  However, the speed increase will not 
happen until August 7th.  This means that there will also be a short 
period of time (less than 15 minutes) on the 7th when you will not be able 
to get onto the Internet.  We hope that you are able to schedule around 
these two outages, as we feel that in the future this will enable us to 
provide a much faster level of service.

	2. We have also been receiving a fair number of requests from our
customers on where to find more information on how to use the Internet. 
Most of the time we have been recommending that people go out and get a
book to help out.  Therefore, we have worked out a deal with LITTLE
PROFESSOR BOOK STORE (Located in the strip mall, by Wal-Mart) to allow our
customers to purchase Internet books and receive a 15% DISCOUNT.  Since
people are at many different levels it is a bit difficult to recommend a
single book.  Some titles which you may want to look at are:

	Internet for Dummies    (Really, the Dummy books are quite good!)
	Internet for Macs for Dummies
	Internet for Macs for Dummies Starter Kit    (includes a disk)
	Using the Internet, The Most Complete Reference   (really BIG)
	The Internet - Complete Reference
	Using HTML - The Most Complete Reference   (only if you want to 
					      learn how to design web pages)

	3.  We'll label this item as:  Make use of that new high speed line 
and help pay for the office.  During the month of August we will be 
offering double the amount of credit if you refer a friend, relative, or 
just plain anybody to Excel.Net and they sign up.  That means that you 
will get $10 credited to your account.  Just think, two referrals and 
your friends basically pay for your access for the month!  We would also 
like to thank everyone so far for all of the referrals you have given us.

	4.  When it gets time to creating that Web page (and really it's not 
that hard) we may be able to offer some assistance.  We have a full color 
scanner and will be willing to help get some of those pictures out of the 
photo album and onto a floppy disk.  We will be charging a flat rate of 
$2.00 per image (including the disk).  The images will be scanned in at 
600 dpi and can be saved in any format that you want.  We would reccomend 
either GIF or JPEG since these are the two formats available on the Web.  
Also, if you are thinking about creating your own page there is a lot of 
useful information right on the Web which can help.  Use you favorite 
search program and look for the following: HTML Design, Web Design, 
HotMetal, HTML Assistant, Netscape extensions.  Another excellent 
starting point would be look at some of Excel.Net's users pages.  A 
couple of them have links to more information about creating web pages.  
Start by changing your location to 'http://www.excel.net' and then going 
into the users section.

	5.  CONTRACT changes - We have made a change to our Excel.Net, Inc. 
Internet Operating Agreement.  The following paragraph has been added as 
number six, and the current paragraphs numbered 6-10 have been renumbered 

	    6.  WEB PAGE STORAGE.  Each customer is allowed to store a
	 single page (up to 1 MB in size, including all images/attachments)
	 at no charge beyond the basic service charge listed in Paragraph 7.
	 If customer needs additional storage space or pages, our rates are 
	 $25/month for the first 5 MB of storage and $5/month for each 
	 additional 1 MB of storage.

	6. We have had a number of customers ask us for help with their home
pages.  We are unable to offer that service at this time, but recently,
one of our new customers stated that he would be willing to do web pages
for approximately $25 depending on the web page, of course.  If anybody
else is willing to help or if you are looking for the names of people to
give you a hand, please e-mail me and let me know. 

     ___                                                         _\\|//_
    /   ) ')        ') ')                                        (-0-0-)
    \_    /_   _    /  /     ----------------------------------oo0-(_)-0oo---
      \  /  ) /_)  /  / / )       Shelly K. Weidig a/k/a Seashell
 (____/ /  / (_,  /  / (_/      Shelly.Weidig@Excel.Net (Administrator)
                        /     http://www.excel.net/seashell/sweidig.html
                    `--'    Excel.Net: Ph:(414)452-0455  Fax:(414)452-8118


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