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Excel.Net, Inc.						    October 20, 1999
			      Newsletter #24

1.  APPLETON LIVE - Our Appleton dialup location is now up and running!  
If you have any friends or relatives in that area, who you think would
love to be part of the Excel.Net family we would ask that you let them
know.  As an added incentive through the end of the year we will give all
of our customers double the referral credit ($10) for each account they
get signed up in the Appleton area!  To see a list of the covered areas go to:

People in the Appleton area can get signed up by either giving our office a 
call toll free at (888) 489-9995 or by stopping in at Altimate Computer 
Solutions whom we are partnering with in that area.  Their address is:
		305 East College Avenue
		Appleton, WI  54911
and their office hours are:
		Monday - Friday		 8am - 5pm
		Saturday/Sunday		12pm - 5pm
Please note that this location is simply for signing up accounts.  We will
handle all of the technical support through our Sheboygan office during the
normal office hours of M-F 8am-10pm and weekends 12pm-6pm.

2.  ADDITIONAL LINES - We have added additional lines to both our Plymouth
and Sheboygan locations.  In Plymouth we now have 168 lines available and
in Sheboygan we have 322!  We constantly monitor the line usage in all of
our cities and will add additional lines as needed.  Currently all of the
other cities have enough capacity.

3.  NEW PHONE SYSTEM - Within the next few weeks Excel.Net will be
installing a new state of the art phone system.  The new phone system will
allow us to serve our customer base much more efficiently.  Some of the
changes you will notice on this system is that all calls will be answered
by an automated attendant.  From there you will be able to select the area
you need to talk with and will then be transferred over.  If all of the
support people are on the line you will now have the option to hold for the
next available person or leave a message, which was the only available
option in the past.  This phone system will also be integrated with our
computers so that we have the most efficient call processing available.

4.  OUTLOOK EXPRESS 5 FOR MAC - Microsoft has released Outlook Express 5
for Macintosh as of today.  There are a number of new features in this
version and those of you who have machines capable of running it may want
to consider downloading the upgrade.  The requirements for this version
can be found at:
If you are unsure of the version of MacOS you are running you can find
this out by going into Apple menu and then selecting the "About this
Macintosh" or "About this Computer" menu option.  If you decide that you
want to download this update, go to the following page:

5.  NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR 4.7 - Netscape has released a new version of their 
Internet tools and it is available from their site for free download.  The
address of the site is:
and then click on the "Download Now" link in the upper left hand corner of
the display.  This is available for Windows95/98/NT and Macintosh (PowerPC
only) systems.

6.  COUNTER SCRIPT - We have updated the counter script which is used by
the web server to version 2.5.  This release has a number of new
features, such as the ability to setup a countdown counter, display
date/time...  To get all of the information about this program, along with
a number of HTML examples see:

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  

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