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Excel.Net, Inc.						    July 19, 1999
			      Newsletter #22

1.  JOB OPENING - We continue to need excellent support people to handle
customer calls.  We currently have a position available Monday-Friday from
8am-1pm.  If you are interested in working for our growing company please
take a look at the web page we have setup:
This will have additional details about the job as well as an online form
to fill out to apply!  The online form is the only method that we will be
accepting for applications.

2.  OUTLOOK EXPRESS 5 - The new Outlook Express 5 mail program which is
available for the various Windows platforms (3.x,95,98,NT...) has a number
of enhancements. However, there is an option which can cause people
problems, especially if you open your mail program up before you are
connected to the Internet.  The problem basically involves the program
trying to get the mail from our server even though you are not yet
connected.  To clear this up you can start the program and then go into
the Tools/Options menu at the top of the window.  On the General tab there
is an option which says "Send and Receive messages at Startup".  We would
suggest that you uncheck this option and then click on the Apply button
followed by the OK button.

3.  OUTLOOK EXPRESS 4 & Y2K - If you are still using Outlook Express
version 4 and do not want to upgrade to version 5, Microsoft has released
a patch to prevent some date problems in the mail program.  We would
recommend that if you are able to, you should simply upgrade to version 5
as there are a number of new features.  If you cannot upgrade, check out the
following site for additional details on the fix:

4.  Y2K - The systems that Excel.Net uses and the hardware running
Excel.Net's servers are Y2K compliant and we do not feel that there will
be any problems with our services when 01/01/2000 arrives.  To personally
address the world-wide Y2K issue (these are my views and do not
necessarily reflect those of my employer :)  I feel that although there
will be minor problems, the greatest problem that the world will run into
is a people problem.  If people start to panic about a problem before one
actually exists, I feel this could have a "snowball" effect causing others
to panic and therefore creating a problem by itself.  I do believe that we
will see some problems with this, but they will be on the order of
annoying and not catastrophic.  A recent Computerworld article stated that
as of June 1999 89% of the companies surveyed felt that there would only
be spot problems with minor or no impact.  This is up from 65% in October
of the previous year!  This article also polled small and large firms on a
scale of 1-5 (1=not confident, 5=extremely confident) about there
readiness by January 1st. The small firms averaged 4.67 while the larger
firms were at 4.86!

5.  DEDICATED ISDN RATES - With previous changes to Excel.Net's
infrastructure and the capacity to handle ISDN connections more
efficiently we have significantly reduced the costs for dedicated ISDN
access.  This level of service can provide a very cost effective way for
small to mid-sized organizations to provide Internet access and e-mail to
their entire organization.  For updated pricing on this service please check
out our web site at:

If you have any questions regarding these rates or would like further
information please send an e-mail to sales@excel.net.

6.  SIGNUP LOCATIONS - As Excel.Net continues to expand our services we are 
finding that it is very convenient for us to have a local signup location in
the area that we service.  We are therefore looking for companies in some of
the areas that we service who are willing to provide this service.  We have
found that if this is a computer company, it can provide a truly mutually 
beneficial partnership.  It brings additional traffic into your storefront 
while providing the potential customer with a local signup.  If you are in 
one of the following areas:
		Fond du Lac			Chilton/Kiel/New Holstein
		Port Washington			Random Lake
		Manitowoc 			West Bend 
and are interested in discussing this further, please send mail to
7.  AREA CODE CHANGE TO 262 - We have received a number of questions from
customers regarding the area code change from 414 to 262 and how it will
affect their Internet access.  If you are currently dialing into our
service as a local call (ie. you do not have to enter 1+area code), you
really do not need to make any changes to the system because the computer
will continue to think that your area code and the area code you are
dialing are the same.  However, to be "technically" correct you can change
your system in a couple of places so that it reflects the 262 change.  
You will definitely want to do this if you use your computer to dial into
other locations that are long distance.  We have included the steps below
to change for the programs we have distributed.  After making any of the
changes below we would recommend that you verify that your system is only
dialing a seven digit number to avoid long distance charges which you
would be responsible for.  There is also a number you can call if you have 
other questions related to this change, it is 1-800-378-2222.  Finally, you 
can get "generic" area code information at:

Windows 3.x - Trumpet Winsock
   No changes are necessary.  This program does not use area codes when
determining the number.  If you would happen to be dialing us long
distance you can update the phone number using the Dialler/Setup.cmd menu
option.  We would also suggest that any customers still using this program to
access our service consider updating their software.  This program is very 
old and the newer software has many additional features.

Windows 3.x - Microsoft Internet Explorer

-  Start Windows and open up the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft 
   Internet Tools group.
-  Double click the ExcelNet icon, which should bring up the "Connect To" 
-  Click the Dial Settings button.
-  Change "The area code is" field to 262 (it should be 414).  Click OK.
-  Click the Properties button and on the General tab change the "Area
   code" field to 262.  If this field is grayed out and cannot be entered
   into, check the "use country code and area code" box first.  Click OK.
-  On the current window, verify that the phone number field contains the
   correct number for you to dial and does not include the area code.
-  Click the Close button.
-  On the "Save Changes" window, click Yes.

Windows95/98 - Dial-Up Networking
-  Start the computer and double click on the "My Computer" icon.
-  Next, double click on the "Dial-Up Networking" folder icon.
-  Move the mouse over the Excel.Net icon and click the right mouse
   button.  This should bring up a list of options to select.  
-  Click on the Properties with the left button.  
-  Change the "Area code" field to 262.  If this field is grayed out and
   cannot be entered into, check the "use country code and area code" box
   first.  Click OK.
-  Double click (with the left button) the Excel.Net icon to bring up the
   "Connect To" window.
-  Click the Dial Properties button.
-  Change "The area code is" field to 262.  Click OK.
-  Verify that the number is properly displayed in the Phone number field
   on the "Connect To" window.
-  Click Cancel and close down the remaining windows.

Macintosh - ConfigPPP
   If you are using the ConfigPPP control panel that we distributed it
should not be necessary to make any changes.  It does not use the area
code information.  If however, you are dialing long distance to access us,
simply bring up the ConfigPPP control panel, press the Configure button
and change the phone number.

Macintosh - Microsoft Internet Explorer or Open Transport
   No changes should be necessary using for either of these programs.  The
only situation where questions could arise is if you rerun the Internet
Connection Wizard included with Internet Explorer.  It will have the phone
numbers for our sites stored as 414, therefore you will need to make sure
that you tell it not to dial it as long distance.

8.  LITTLE BROTHER - Ever wonder how much time is being spent online by
your workers and what sites they are going to???  If you are a dedicated
access customer allowing your employees to access the Internet over the
corporate LAN this is the product for you.  This program is able to
monitor (and optionally filter) traffic based on YOUR rules.  It also can
generate a number of reports so that you can control your network!  If you
are interested in receiving additional information about this product
please e-mail sales@excel.net.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  

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