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			      June 14, 1995

I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for 
chosing us to be your internet provider.  We are always happy to help you 
out and if you ever have any problems or questions, please feel free to 
either send us some e-mail or give us a call.  There are just a few 
reminders, points and tips we wanted to point out as follows:

1.  Some of you are still using our home telephone number.  Although we 
do not mind if you call us on that number, we would prefer you use our 
business number as we always give that phone first priority.  For those 
of you who do not have that number it is (414) 452-0455.

2.  I am sure you all noticed an extra tab on last 2 month's bills for
sales tax.  We were originally told we would not be required to charge
sales tax but as it turns out, we do.  We appoligize if this has caused
you any inconvenience.  It sure has for us.  If you recently signed up
with us and only payed $20 for the first month's prepayment, you probably
saw an additional charge of $1 on your May statement for the sales tax. 

3.  If you are paying us by credit card and your credit card expires, 
please drop us a line or some e-mail with your new expiration date if you 
think of it.  If we dont hear from you, you will hear from us  :-).

4.  I was truly amazed at the number of people on the internet who have 
never seen or heard of smiley faces.  To expand your horizons I will give 
you an example of smiley faces  (just touch your left ear to your 
shoulder and look here)
				:-)  <------ normal smiley face
				:)   <------ lazy mans smiley face
				B)   <------ smiley face with sunglasses
I think you all get the idea.

5.  There is a new version of Netscape (1.1) available.  For those of you
who have received our newest version of the software (2.0), you already
have it, but if you received one of our earlier versions, you may want to
download it from the internet.  If you haven't changed your home page it
should be very easy to get (or if you have set the pointer to
http://home.mcom.com/home/welcome.html).  Once you are at this site simply
go down to the Netscape Navigator 1.1 Ships section.  Here you can select
the 'FTP and mirror sites' link and find the version for the system you
are using.  Once the file has been downloaded it will be necessary to
uncompress the program and to install it. 

6.  Some of you may have been experiencing problems with Trumpet Winsock 
where it doesn't seem to hangup the modem.  If you are having a problem 
you may want to give this a try:

	- Start Trumpet Winsock and select the Dialler/Edit Scripts
	- Select the bye.cmd from the file requester
	- The following are the changes which need to be made:

	Old Script			New Script
	----------			---------
	sleep 3				sleep 3
	output +++			output +++
	input 5 OK\n			sleep 2
	output ath0\r			output ath0\r
	input 5 OK\n			input 5 OK\n
	display "Thank you..."\n	display "Thank you..."\n

	- Save the changes by selecting File/Save from the menu
	- Exit the editor

    This has been the solution for people who have been having 
problems hanging up.  It appears that some modems do not send an 'OK' 
after the program sends the '+++' to the modem.

7.  We have our web server up and running.  Users who are interested in
having a page on the net should contact us.  We will allow each user to
store a single page not to exceed 1 MB of data at no charge.  It is,
however, up to you to design the page yourself.  We will also be providing
for the storage of additional pages for people/businesses who need this
service at an additional charge.  Please contact us if you are interested. 
Also you can reach our home page by going to http://www.excel.net The site
is still under construction, however, and not all of the links are

     ___                                                         _\\|//_
    /   ) ')        ') ')                                        (-0-0-)
    \_    /_   _    /  /     ----------------------------------oo0-(_)-0oo---
      \  /  ) /_)  /  / / )       Shelly K. Weidig a/k/a Seashell
 (____/ /  / (_,  /  / (_/      Shelly.Weidig@Excel.Net (Administrator)
                        /     http://www.excel.net/seashell/sweidig.html
                    `--'    Excel.Net: Ph:(414)452-0455  Fax:(414)452-8118


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