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Excel.Net, Inc.						December 10, 1998
			      Newsletter #19

1.  FOND DU LAC UPGRADE - We have completed the testing of our Fond du Lac
lines and will now be making the cutover to the new lines completely.  We
have seen in both Fond du Lac and Sheboygan that the new lines are
yielding higher connection rates and feedback has been very positive.  On
Monday December 14th at 6:00am we will be making the switch for Fond du
lac. If you are online at that time you will most likely be disconnected
for a short period of time.  In order to be safe, however, this could last
until about 8:00am.  During that time the new number 921-6793 should be
available.  After the conversion that number and the regular one 926-0258
will both be pointing to the new lines.

2.  SHEBOYGAN UPGRADE - We have seen improvements in the connection speeds
with the Sheboygan lines as well.  In order to perform some additional
testing we will be rebooting the test server at 11:00pm on December 10th.  
If you are connected to the server at that point you will be dropped, but
should be able to immediately dial back in and get connected. The final
cutover is scheduled for 12/17.  This will be a more involved conversion
than in Fond du Lac and will also require the movememnt of some equipment
in our office.  As a result we are scheduling that the service will be
unavailable from 3:00am - 6:30am that morning so that we have enough time
to move things around.  We are at the same time implementing some network
changes which will require ALL of the equipment to be rebooted, even the
equipment in the other cities.  During this timeframe the service will be
available, but you may be dropped at any point.

3.  HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - In order to allow our employees to enjoy the
holidays with their friends and family we will be closing down a couple of
days for the holidays.  Our offices will be closed 12/19 at 5:00pm for our
employee Christmas party, 12/24 and 12/25 for Christmas and 1/1 for New
Years.  This also means that billing will not be generated until 1/2.

4.  JOB OPENINGS - As we continue to expand our business we have need for
additional technical support representatives.  There are currently three
positions which we are looking to fill.  If you are interested in working
for our growing company please take a look at the web page we have setup:
This will have additional details about the job as well as an online form
to fill out to apply!  The online form is the only method that we will be
accepting for applications.

5.  MULTILINK CONNECTIONS - A number of solutions are becoming available
which will allow two modems to be "bonded" together to give you even
higher speed access.  This does, of course, require two modems and two
telephone lines to work.  One of the more popular products for doing this
is Diamond Multimedia's Shotgun technology.  Windows98 also has support
for this built in, but this has not been found to be very reliable.  If
you are on one of the hourly plans ($10/10, $20/60, $40/120) you can use
this service without any changes to your account.  If you are on the
unmetered account plan there will be an additional $15/month fee for this
level of access or you can switch over to one of the hourly billing plans.

6. TOLL-FREE ACCESS - We have had a number of business customers that
travel asking for a method to access the service while they are on the
road.  In order to provide this level of service we have setup an 800
number which will dial into the modems.  When accessing this number you
will be billed an additional $6.00/hour above and beyond your standard
dialup fees.  This is still most likely less expensive than the hotel
connection rates or calling card rates for most customers.  If you would
like to use this number please feel free to e-mail sales@excel.net.  This
service will not be available until after the upgrades in Sheboygan have
been completed.

7.  ISDN PRICING - With the conversion of our lines in the cities which
offer ISDN access we will be changing our pricing for this service.  For
those of you not familar with ISDN it is a service which allows for a
higher speed Internet connection, even over 56K modems.  This does require
that you have a special ISDN line installed by the telephone company and
that you get an ISDN "modem" to access with.  As each of the cities are
upgraded to providing this service a single channel (64K) connection will
be available for $25.00 and includes 150 hours of service with additional
time being billed at $1.00/hour.  Dual channel (128K) service will be
$40.00/month for 150 hours with additional time being billed at
$1.50/hour.  If you are currently an ISDN access customer your billing
will be automatically adjusted to the new rates.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  Have a safe and happy
holiday season!

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