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Excel.Net, Inc.						November 13, 1998
			      Newsletter #18

1.  RANDOM LAKE ACCESS AND MORE - Our Random Lake area POP is now up and
running.  For a listing of the areas covered by this location please see
the Services section of our site at: 
We would appreciate it if you would tell your friends or relatives in that
area who are looking for access that we are up and running.  Also, make
sure to tell them to put your name in the referral section so that we can
credit your account $5.00!
    We are also in the process of setting up a new location in New
Holstein.  We have an office and the lines have been ordered, it is now
just a matter of waiting for them to be installed.  This will give us
Chilton, Kiel and New Holstein as local calling areas.  We will post more
on this when we have the site up and running. 

2.  NEW EMPLOYEES - Excel.Net is happy to announce a couple of new
additions to our staff.  We have recently added two additional technical
support reps and a system administrator.  Jeremy and Patty are the two
new tech reps working afternoons, evenings and weekends.  They will be the
people you will most likely talk with if you call in with a question or
problem during those hours.  Jason is our system administrator and will be
implementing additional features in our system as well as answering
techsupport mail and maintaining our servers.  We are glad to have added
these individuals to our staff and expect this to increase our level of
support another notch.  Each of them has given us a small "bio" of

Jason enjoys playing basketball, football and tennis when he is not busy
developing web pages and writing Perl code.  He has lived in the area
nearly all of his life but was born in Florida where he roamed the world
until he was 1!

Patty works here part time to keep in touch with the interests of her
previous job, building and testing computers.  During the days she works
full time as a sales coordinator/customer service rep at a local company.
In the summer months she plays volleyball, softball, and just likes to be

Jeremy was born and raised in Sheboygan graduating last spring.  He has
been working here for the past couple of months and plans to
attengd college next spring at either the UW Platteville or UWEC, majoring
in computer science.  His interests and hobbies include paintball,
reading, music, mountain biking and of course, computers.

3.  ADDITIONAL LINES - We have placed orders for additional lines in Fond
du Lac, Plymouth and Sheboygan.  We are anticipating that the lines will
be installed before we would have problems with busy signals.  The lines
for Fond du Lac are scheduled for November 11th, Sheboygan is November
16th and the Plymouth lines have already been installed.  We will let
everyone know if the dates change.  This will increase Fond du Lac to 72
lines, Sheboygan to 216, and Plymouth to 120!  There will be additional
posts concerning these lines as they are installed as we will be making
some upgrades as well. 

4.  WEB PAGE ADDITIONS/CHANGES - Over the next few months we will be
moving things around on our site and adding additional items.  We have
already made a few adjustments in the Members Only section.  One really
neat addition to this area is the ability to see how fast you are
connected to our system at LIVE!  This means that you will see your
current connection speed and other information.  To check this page out

Other enhancements will be announced as they are implemented.  We want to
make our home page/web site a useful place for our subscribers.  If you
have any suggestions for things you think would be nice please e-mail to

5.  MULTIPLE LOGINS - It has always been the policy at Excel.Net that if
you have the $20 unmetered plan you are NOT allowed to have multiple
logins.  In the past this has been pretty much on the honor system,
besides some spot checking once in a while.  We are now constantly
monitoring for this and will be mailing out warnings to customers who are
logged into the system more than once.  If you need to have multiple
logins we would ask that you contact sales@excel.net to find out what
additional options are available.  After the initial warning if an account
has multiple logins again they will be charged $20.00 times the maximum
number of logins for that month (2 logins = $40, 3 = $60...).  The simple
reason for this is that each login ties up an additional line, leaving
fewer available for other customers.

6.  CONTRACT CHANGES - In order to more fully clarify our position on
telephone charges we have made a change to the operating agreement.  The
change basically states that the customer is responsible for insuring that
they are dialing a local number and if the customer dials the wrong phone
number, the phone company charges are their responsibility.  For the
complete operating agreement you can go to:

7.  DUN 1.3 - If you are running Windows95, Microsoft has released a
second update to the Dial-Up Networking (DUN) software.  These are the
programs which control your connection to the Internet.  We would
recommend that you check out their site and consider getting the latest
version.  Additional information can be found at: 
and then click on the Improved speed and security, under What's New.
Alternately from that page you can click on the Downloads button and then
select Dial-Up Networking 1.3.

8.  STAC COMPRESSION FOR WIN95/98 - Windows95 and Windows98 users may be
able to increase their modems performance by following the directions
below.  If you are a Windows95 user make sure that you first download and
install the Dial-Up Networking upgrade which is discussed in the previous
item.  What this will do is disable the modems compression and turn on the
compression built into Dial-Up Networking.  If you do not feel that the
changes help, you can easily follow the directions again and "undo" the
  -  Open up "My Computer" and double click the "Dial-Up Networking"
  -  Right click the mouse on the "Excel.Net" icon and then select 
     Properties with the left mouse button
  -  Click the Server Types tab at the top of the screen and make sure 
     that you are setup as follows:
	Advanced Options
	   Enable Software Compression is the only item selected
	Allowed Network Protocols
	   TCP/IP is the only item selected
  -  Click the General Tab at the top of the screen and then click the
     Configure button in the Connect using box
  -  Click on the Connection tab at the top and then the Advanced Settings 
  -  Uncheck the Compress Data option
  -  Click OK until all of the windows are closed

9.  NEWS SERVER UPGRADE - Our news server is in the process of being
upgraded.  The company maintaining this server feels that the speed
increase of the new server should be about 10 times the previous server.
They have put it in place and are working out the bugs.  We have already
seen the addition of a few thousand newsgroups and performance is
definitely much improved.

10. GATEWAY V90 UPGRADE - For those us you who have 56K modems installed
in your Gateway computers they have finally made the update to v.90
available.  For additional information about this check out the following
This upgrade will make the modem in your computer more compatible with our
system and may result in better performance and higher connection speeds.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable. 

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