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Excel.Net, Inc.						August 12, 1998
			      Newsletter #17

1.  JOB OPENINGS - Excel.Net is looking to fill two telephone technical
support positions.  The first opening will be for Monday through Friday
from 1pm-6pm.  The second opening will be a few evenings from 6pm-10pm and
Saturday from 12pm-6pm.  If you are interested in working for our growing
company please take a look at the web page we have setup: 
This will have additional details about the job as well as on online form
to fill out to apply!  The online form is the only method that we will be
accepting applications.

2.  NEW LOCATION - We are opening up an additional dial-up location in
Random Lake.  This location should be active on August 17th and the phone
number for accessing this site will be (920) 994-2590.  We will update our
Services page with the exact calling areas when the site has been
activated.  You can view this site at:
If you have any friends or family in that area looking for Internet access
please let them know about us.  Also, make sure that you tell them to put
you in the referral section so you receive your $5 credit!

3.  ADDITIONAL LINES - We have ordered additional lines for the Sheboygan
and Manitowoc areas.  This is anticipating the increased activity that we
see as the weather cools down.  We have ordered an additional 24 lines for
each location.  Manitowoc will be installed on August 24th, bringing the
total number of lines to 48.  Sheboygan is scheduled for September 8th,
bringing the number of lines to 192!  Currently we do not feel that any of
the other locations need additional lines, but we do monitor the activity
continuously and will order lines as needed.

4.  OUTLOOK EXPRESS/OUTLOOK 98 BUG - There is a serious bug in the Outlook
Express and Outlook 98 e-mail programs which could allow somebody to run
programs on your machine.  If you are using one of these two programs for
your e-mail we would suggest going to the following site for details on
the problem and a file to download for an update:

5.  WEB HOSTING PRICING - We have lowered the costs of hosting web pages
on our system, and all customers currently paying web charges have had
their accounts adjusted.  Effective immediately the rate for additional
storage is $25/month and includes 20MB of storage space!  Additional
storage space beyond that is available for $1/MB a month.  These prices
are in addition to the dialup access fees.  With these accounts you are
allowed to run cgi scripts on our server, perform secure transactions, and
utilize FrontPage server extensions.  All customers still receive the 3MB
of storage space with their account at no additional cost.  If you do not
have a web storage account, the cost for additional space is still $5/MB a

6.  WEBTV - We have received a number of calls asking if we support WebTV
with our service.  The answer is YES, we are providing access for a number
of people using WebTV as their method of getting on the Internet.  We feel
that this device is a good alternative for people who are considering the
purchase of a PC soley for accessing the net.  The only drawback to this
is that you must have an account with Excel.Net for your dialup service,
but you must also maintain an account with WebTV to receive e-mail and
such.  They charge a $9.95/month fee, which would be in addition to any of
the plans which we offer.

7.  VITUAL FTP SERVICE - If your company has a virtual domain hosted on
our server (ie. www.yourbusiness.com instead of www.excel.net), we are now
able to provide FTP access for your site as well.  This would allow for
the efficient transfer of files to or from your customers.  If you are
interested in finding out additional details about this service please
send an e-mail to sales@excel.net.

8.  MAC FREEZES - Users with Macintosh computers that have experienced
"freezes" on their system may want to take a look at the web page listed
It contains a number of situations where you might experience this
problems and possible solutions.

9.  TELEPHONE SCAM - We recently read about a telephone scam that is
happening and just wanted to pass along the information.  People are
receiving calls from individuals who identify themselves as AT&T Service
Technicians running a test on their line.  In order to complete the test
they ask you to dial nine, zero and the pound key, and then hang up.
According to the phone company, this process allows the individual to
access your telephone line and make a long distance phone call, with the
charges showing up on your bill!  The phone company has stated that a
large number of these calls are originating from jails and prisons. The
information that we have says that this is targetted at businesses.
Additional information can be found at:
     Although this is not Internet related we thought that you would be
interested in this, so that you are not a victim of this scam.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable. 

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