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Excel.Net, Inc.						January 6, 1998
			      Newsletter #14

1.  NEW HOME PAGE - On Friday, January 9th, Excel.Net will be replacing
our entire web site with a new set of pages!  This will happen at
approximately 11:00pm.  We have redesigned the site to try to make it
easier to navigate.  In addition to this we have added a What's New area,
Family links, and an Employees page.  Other sections have additional
information added to them so make sure and check it out!  After the new
pages are live, please let us know if you run into any problems or errors 
with these new pages by e-mailing webmaster@excel.net.

2.  NEW ADDRESS - Just a reminder that we have moved our main offices to a
new location for those of you mailing in payments or stopping by.  The new
address is:
		Excel.Net, Inc.
		729 Pennsylvania Avenue
		Sheboygan, WI  53081
If you are stopping by, there is off street parking available in the lot
directly next to our offices.

3.  NEW DIALUP AREA - Excel.Net is expanding our dial-up area once again.
We will be locating a site in Newburg so that we are able to service Port
Washington and West Bend area customers.  We have not yet received the
exact installation dates or telephone number but we will pass the
information along as soon as we receive it!  If you have friends or
relatives in that area who you would like to get online make sure and let
us know and we can send them some information.  Make sure if they sign
up that they let us know you referred them so that you can receive the
credit on your next statement!

4.  INCREASED WEB SPACE - We have increased the amount of web page storage
that we are allocating for all of our customers.  You used to get 1MB of
storage space with the account and we have increased this to 3MB!  For
those of you who have a web storage account we have increased your space
allocations to 8MB at the same price you are currently paying.  Those of
you with storage space exceeding 8MB will be noticing a lower charge on
the next statement as we simply reduced your storage charge by $10/month
and left your space allocations the same.

5.  FORMS - One of the most requested additions to the web server is to
allow the included accounts to have the ability to handle forms.  We have
added a script to the system to do just that, which will be available for
everybody to use.  Once the new site has been placed live you can find
more information on how to use this feature at:

6.  BUSINESS ADS - As part of the new site we will be placing
advertisements from our business customers on our main Excel.Net page at
no charge. This will only be open to Excel.Net business customers who have
an active account with us.  Our web page averages about 3000 hits daily
and this may be a great way to get exposure to your business site.  We are
offering this benefit as a special thank you to all our business accounts.
The requirements for the image are as follows:	
	- GIF or JPEG format
	- No larger than 444 x 60 pixels	
	- No more than 256 colors
	- File size no larger than 20Kb.  
After you have designed your image, e-mail a copy of it to
webmaster@excel.net as an attachment along with the URL that you would
like the ad to link to.  The script that processes the ads will cycle
through them so that they are all viewed an equal amount of times.

7.  IE 4.0 FOR MACINTOSH - Microsoft has released the final version of
Internet Explorer version 4.0 for the Macintosh.  If you would like
information about the changes that were made in this version check out:
To directly download the program go to:
We would recommend that you use the Active Setup method for getting the
program as it is the easiest.  However, at the bottom of the page there
are options for downloading the entire set of programs in one pass.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable. 

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