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Excel.Net, Inc.						November 24, 1997
			      Newsletter #13

1.  SYSTEM DOWNTIME - Saturday November 29th we will be bringing the
system down for some maintenance.  We will begin working on this at
approximately 1:00am and hope to have it completed by about 3:30am.
During this time we will be making the following changes:
     - Removing equipment no longer needed now that the modems have been
     - Replacing the router between Sheboygan and Plymouth (it was part
       of a piece of equipment no longer in use)
     - Adding additional hard drive capacity to the UNIX server
     - Reorganizing the equipment room now that we are using different
The system will most likely not be down for the entire time, but you may
get cutoff unexpectedly during that period as we move things around.

2.  VACATION SCHEDULE - The holiday season is upon us once again.  We will
be closing down the shop so that our employees are able to spend time with
their families.  You will of course still be able to dialup and get
connected to the Internet and we will continue to monitor the entire
system to make sure there are not any problems.  The office will be closed
the following dates:
                Thursday November 27
                Friday November 28
                Wednesday December 24
                Thursday December 25
                Wednesday December 31 - 7pm-10pm Only
                Thursday January 1
If you need to get hold of us on any of those dates either leave us a
voice mail or send us an e-mail.  

3.  MOVING - Excel.Net has continued to expand and grow and will now need
to move our offices to a new location.  We are currently planning to be 
in the new offices Friday, January 2nd.  For those of you who have been to
our old location, no problem, we will simply be across the street!  We are
moving to 729 Pennsylvania Avenue (current at 728).  The new offices
will allow us much more space than the present area, ground level
access to our office and we will not have to deal with the problems
of the doors getting locked on us when we are around.  There will not be
any downtime during the move, so you will be able to access the Internet
during the entire time.  We are looking forward to moving into the new
offices and feel that this will make it much easier to serve our customers
who stop by.

4.  GREEN.EXCEL.NET - Many of you have noticed and asked why messages that
we are sending now are coming from 'lweidig@green.excel.net' when they
used to be sent from 'lweidig@excel.net'.  It has to do with the some of
the naming of our servers and should not effect you at all.  You are still
able to receive mail at your current address and do not have to add the
'green' to any of your settings.

5.  E-MAIL SUPPORT - A number of people are still sending support
questions directly to my e-mail address (lweidig@excel.net).  Even though
at this point I am still handling a majority of the responses we would ask
that you send questions/comments to one of the following addresses:
	techsupport@excel.net  - Technical support questions on Internet
				 related topics.  Due to the number of 
				 e-mails we receive we cannot answer 
			 	 general computer questions if they are 
				 not Internet related.
	admin@excel.net	       - Administrative questions including any
				 billing, plan change, or credit card 
	info@excel.net	       - General information related topics 
				 including adding/removing aliases or
				 mail accounts.
	webmaster@excel.net    - Any problems that you might find with our
				 web pages.  Also to get listed in the 
				 Users Gallery or Gold Pages (there is an
				 online form you can use also)

	In addition to the addresses listed above you will want to make
sure and check out the Frequently Asked Questions section on our home page
under the 'For Members Only' area.  This has answers to a number of the
items we frequently get asked about.  In addition to that there is a form
to help you in submitting questions that are not listed.

6.  LETTERS TO SANTA - After reviewing all of the Internet Service
Providers available we are happy to announce that Santa Claus has chosen
Excel.Net for his Internet access needs.  To vist Santa's web site go to:
There is even an online form to make your gift requests.  Make sure to get
your requests in early so that Santa is able to process them and get back
to you!

7.  COMPANY ADS - Excel.Net is currently in the process of creating a
redesigned web site.  As part of the new site we will be placing
advertisements from our business customers on our main Excel.Net page at
no charge. This will only be open to Excel.Net business customers who have
an active account with us.  Our web page averages about 3000 hits daily
and this may be a great way to get exposure to your business site.  We are
offering this benefit as a special thank you to all our business accounts.
The requirements for the image are as follows:
	- GIF format
	- No larger than 444 x 60 pixels
	- No more than 256 colors
	- File size no larger than 20Kb.
After you have designed your image, e-mail a copy of it to
webmaster@excel.net as an attachment along with the URL that you would
like the ad to link to.  Once the new page is online we will simply cycle
daily through all of the ads that we have received.

8.  K56FLEX UPDATE - We are still receiving some calls and e-mails from
customers who are having problems accessing our service now that the 56K
modems have been installed.  If you are having some difficulties getting
connected (it takes more than 1-2 times, disconnects right away,...) we
would ask that you try the following solutions.

    a. ONLY FOR NON-K56FLEX MODEMS - The new 56K modems make some new
       "noises" at the beginning of the connection. These tones can
       sometimes confuse the 33,600 and slower modems, causing them to
       jump down to lower speeds than you would normally have connected at
       using the old modems. The suggestion is to add commas(,) to the end
       of the phone number, which adds a delay, allowing you to bypass the
       new tones. This should only be done on non K56Flex modems. If you
       use this on a K56Flex modem you will skip over the possibility of
       getting the higher speed connections. You should try adding
       anywhere from 1 to 5 commas to the END of the phone number and
       then connecting. Make sure to try different combinations to see
       what works best for you. The early feedback on this from people
       who have tried it is that either 2 or 3 commas produce the highest
       connect rates.  After you have found the value which seems to work
       best for you, you can save this permanently.  If you are not sure
       how to update the phone number, please go to:
       which shows how to change the phone number for testing, but can
       also be used to get in and add the commas to the end of the number.

    b. ALL WINDOWS95 USERS - If you have not already done so, download and
       install the latest version of Dial-Up Networking that Microsoft has 
       made available.  Additional information about this can be found at:

    c. K56FLEX USERS - If you have a K56Flex modem available, but are not 
       getting the higher speed connections make sure that you have the 
       latest firmware from your modem manufacturer.  You must be running
       at least version 1.00 or greater to get the faster connections.  We 
       have put together a list of the download sites for most of the
       vendors and you can find that at:

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable. 


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