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Excel.Net, Inc.						October 1, 1997
			      Newsletter #12

1.  56K MODEM UPGRADE - Over the course of the next month or so we will be
upgrading ALL of our modem lines to support 56K modem connections.  As
many of you are probably aware of there are currently two standards for
this speed known as K56FLEX and X2.  The two different methods only talk
to each other up to 33,600 currently although they are working on a
standard which will eliminate this problem.  Our modems will be the
K56FLEX standard, so if you want to take advantage of this you will need
to make sure that your modem is also K56FLEX.  To start the upgrade
process we will be installing 96 lines in Sheboygan on October 9th.  They
will not be tied into the main group as they are meant for testing.  We
ask as many of you as possible to try dialing into 208-3180 after that
date to insure that your modem will continue working properly with our
system after we update ALL of the lines.  We are also asking that you not
use these lines permanently so as to allow as many customers as possible
to test their modems.  Either way (working or not) we would appreciate it
if you could sent us a message at k56flex@excel.net letting us know the
exact brand, model, and speed of your modem along with the operating
system (Win 3.x, Win95, Mac) that you are using.  This will help us to
track problems.  We will also be putting up a web site with solutions, so
make sure to check (and hit the refresh button) often to see the latest
happenings.  This will be located at the following location, starting
Thursday October 2nd:
 If all goes well we will make all of the upgrades at the following times:

Site			  Date	    Current # Lines    New # Lines
===================	========    ===============    ===========
Sheboygan		Oct 15		  110		   144
Plymouth		See below	   48		    60
Fond du Lac		Oct 17		   30		    48
Manitowoc		Oct 16		   12		    24

	You will notice that we are also adding additional lines at all of
the locations!!!  
	For our Plymouth customers, we have not yet received the
installation date from GTE.  We will post this to the web page listed
above as soon as we have been given this information.

2.  MODEMS FOR SALE - We will have approximately 55 of the Multi-Tech ZDX
external modems for sale after the upgrade has been completed, these will
not work with Macintosh, but will work with the Intel based machines. 
About 1/2 of these are 33,600 and the other half are 28,800.  We will be
selling them for $65 each, with the 33,600 modems going on a first come
first serve basis.  The 28,800 modems are capable of being upgraded to
33,600 speeds, but that does require you to send the modem into Multi-Tech
for them to upgrade it.  You will need to supply the serial cable as the
ones that we used to connect to our equipment are not the same as would be
used for a PC.  Also, make sure that you have a high speed serial port to
gain the most benefit from these modems.  If you do not have this or are
unsure, the modem will still work, you may just not be able to get the
full throughput out of it.  People interested in these modems should send
a message to k56flex@excel.net and let us know.  Again, they will be
reserved on a first come first serve basis. 

already released the "4.0" version of their web suite, which is called
Communicator and on September 30th Microsoft released the final
version of their product.  Both products require extremely LARGE
downloads, so if you are going to get them make sure to set aside a number
of hours.
    Both products offer some very nice new features, but at the same time
are requiring a more powerful machine to take advantage of them.  You
should make sure that your machine meets at least the minimum requirements
before trying to install either of these and in most instances we would
recommend a larger machine than that.  We are running the preview release
on a Windows95 Pentium 166 with 32MB RAM and noticed a slight slowdown in
overall processing!  I have just installed the final release and it
appears to be running MUCH more smoothly, so they have probably done a
number of enhancements.  For further information on these two products see
the following sites:  
Internet Explorer: 
Netscape Communicator:

4.  GUEST SPEAKER - If anyone has a group that would like a speaker for an
Internet related meeting please feel free to contact us.  We would be
happy to present various aspects of the Internet to your group.  There are
no fees for this service, we simply ask that you provide us with a direct
telephone connection and a television(s) large enough to be viewed by the
group we will be speaking too.  Also, if you can let us know the size of
the expected audience we can make sure to prepare enough handouts so that
everybody has one.  If you would like to set something up or have any
further questions on this subject please e-mail sales@excel.net and we
will get back to you right away. 

5.  DEDICATED ACCESS - If your company is looking at getting connected to
the Internet on a dedicated access basis please make sure to give us a
call.  We can provide dedicated access connections from 28.8Kbps all the
way up to T1 (1.544Mbps).  We offer very competitive rates and the same
excellent service we offer our dial-up accounts.  In addition to that we
will provide you with IP address space of your own, 24 hour monitoring of
your connection, and consulting services as needed.  Please feel free to
either e-mail us at sales@excel.net or give us a call to discuss in
further detail your company's direct Internet access needs.

6.  IBM APTIVA COMPUTERS - Randy at Radio Shack let me know of a page
which allows you to look for recent fixes to your system.  The page is
located at: 
In the list box select your model (either Aptiva or PS/1) click GO and on
the next page select your model and click GO again.  This will take you to
a page specific to your machine.  There are a number of useful sections on
this page including download, frequently asked questions, and hint and
tips sections.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable. 

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