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Excel.Net, Inc.						   July 29, 1997
			      Newsletter #11

1.  EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Excel.Net, Inc. is seeking an individual for
employment immediately as a technical support representative.  The opening
would be for evening and weekend hours totalling about 15 hours a week.
General computer and Internet experience is beneficial, however we will
provide training in our software and support areas to get you up to speed.
We offer competitive wages, free Internet access, and a retirement savings
plan to all employees.  If you are interested, please e-mail me at
lweidig@excel.net with a summary of your computer experience, the hours
you would be available to work, and when would be a good time for an

2. FOND DU LAC TELEPHONE - The phone number that our Fond du Lac customers
have been using for support will no longer be active due to the fact that
the Online Fond du Lac BBS is no longer operating.  Therefore, we ask that
at least on a temporary basis, if you have questions to contact our
Sheboygan office directly.  The preferred method is via e-mail to
techsupport@excel.net, however we can also be reached toll free at
888-489-9995.  Finally, you can still contact Dennis in Fond du Lac at

3.  EXPANDED HOURS - We have expanded our office hours to allow for
greater service.  We are now in the office on Sundays from 12:00pm -
6:00pm.  Just as a reminder the office hours are:

	Monday - Friday		8:00am - 5:00pm and 7:00pm - 10:00pm
	Saturday and Sunday	12:00pm - 6:00pm

In addition to these hours somebody is around at other times and we are
always monitoring e-mail and responding to those requests which is our
preferred method of support if you are able to get connected.

4.  EXCEL.NET SITE - We will be making changes to our site over the next
month, so you may want to check it out if you haven't visited it recently.
It can be found by going to http://www.excel.net/ in your web browser.  We
have added an 'Excel.Net Recommended Tools' section under Internet Tools
which contains the software we feel works well for specific applications.
We have also added a 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) in our For Members
Only area.  We also have a couple of additional areas in the works...so
check back.

5.  GOLD PAGE LISTINGS - This section of our web site is to promote local
area businesses.  We simply want to remind everybody that this is
available and also that ALL businesses are allowed a free listing.  If you
already have a web page and are not listed please e-mail a message to
'webmaster@excel.net' with the address of your web page, a title for the
listings, and one or two categories that you would like to be listed in.
If the category doesn't yet exist we will add it.  Finally, if your
business does not have a web page you can get one made absolutely FREE!
To take advantage of this offer e-mail web.results@excel.net and they will
get hold of you to discuss your listing.

6.  USERS GALLERY - Similar to the Gold Pages for businesses we have a
section on our site devoted to linking our customers web pages.  If you
have created and uploaded a page onto our system and would like to be
included in the User's Gallery, simply send a message to
'webmaster@excel.net' with the address of your web page and a title that
you would like added.  This makes it easier for other people to locate
your page.

7.  AUTO-WITHDRAWAL - We wanted to remind everybody that we now have the
ability to do an auto-withdrawal from checking or savings accounts.  We
would ask everybody (including credit card customers) to consider using
this option.  It provides an extremely easy method for you to pay your
bill monthly, eliminates keying errors which may be made against your
account, and doesn't require you to send in a check each month.  You will
still receive a monthly statement from us showing your usage and reminding
you of the payment.  If you would like to start using this plan, send me
an e-mail with the subject of: Auto-withdrawal and we will send you the
information you need to get started.  If you have any questions on how
this might work or want additional details let me know, we would like to
have as many people using this as possible.

8.  AREA CODE CHANGE TO 920 - We have received a number of questions from
customers regarding the area code change from 414 to 920 and how it will
affect their Internet access.  If you are currently dialing into our
service as a local call (ie. you do not have to enter 1+area code), you
really do not need to make any changes to the system because the computer
will continue to think that your area code and the area code you are
dialing are the same.  However, to be "technically" correct you can change
your system in a couple of places so that it reflects the 920 change.  You
will definitely want to do this if you use your computer to dial into
other locations that are long distance.  We have included the steps below
to change for the programs we have distributed.

Windows 3.x - Trumpet Winsock
   No changes are necessary.  This program does not use area codes when
determining the number.  If you would happen to be dialing us long
distance you can update the phone number using the Dialler/Setup.cmd menu

Windows 3.x - Microsoft Internet Explorer
-  Start Windows and open up the Microsoft Internet Explorer group.
-  Double click the ExcelNet icon, which should bring up the "Connect To" 
-  Click the Dial Settings button.
-  Change "The area code is" field to 920 (it should be 414).  Click OK.
-  Click the Properties button and on the General tab change the "Area
   code" field to 920.  If this field is grayed out and cannot be entered
   into, check the "use country code and area code" box first.  Click OK.
-  On the current window, verify that the phone number field contains the
   correct number for you to dial.
-  Click the Close button.
-  On the "Save Changes" window, click Yes.

Windows95 - Dial-Up Networking
-  Start the computer and double click on the "My Computer" icon.
-  Next, double click on the "Dial-Up Networking" folder icon.
-  Move the mouse over the Excel.Net icon and click the right mouse
   button.  This should bring up a list of options to select.  
-  Click on the Properties with the left button.  
-  Change the "Area code" field to 920.  If this field is grayed out and
   cannot be entered into, check the "use country code and area code" box
   first.  Click OK.
-  Double click (with the left button) the Excel.Net icon to bring up the
   "Connect To" window.
-  Click the Dial Properties button.
-  Change "The area code is" field to 920.  Click OK.
-  Verify that the number is properly displayed in the Phone number field
   on the "Connect To" window.
-  Click Cancel and close down the remaining windows.

Macintosh - ConfigPPP
   If you are using the ConfigPPP control panel that we distributed it
should not be necessary to make any changes.  It does not use the area
code information.  If however, you are dialing long distance to access us,
simply bring up the ConfigPPP control panel, press the Configure button
and change the phone number.

Macintosh - Microsoft Internet Explorer or Open Transport
   No changes should be necessary using for either of these programs.  The
only situation where questions could arise is if you rerun the Internet
Connection Wizard included with Internet Explorer.  It will have the phone
numbers for our sites stored as 414, therefore you will need to make sure
that you tell it not to dial it as long distance.

9.  ACCESSING AOL THROUGH EXCEL.NET - A number of our customers use
Excel.Net to gain access to the AOL service, so that they are able to take
advantage of the higher speed access and the lack of busy signals that
they experienced when dialing them directly.  This is very simple to
setup, simply dial into Excel.Net as you normally would, and then change
the configuration in AOL from SprintNet, TymeNet,... to TCP/IP.  You must
have a more recent version of the software for this option to be
available.  There are instructions available for setting this up on our
new 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.
        AOL's gateway which allows you to connect to their service through
the Internet appears to have difficulties at certain times and not at
others.  We have went through this with them many times and they always
tell us the same thing: "We don't see any problems, it must be on your
end".  We have been unable to get anybody at their service to try and help
figure out what the problem may be, but based on some route tracing and
other tests we are almost certain that the problem is on their end of the
connection.  We therefore have decided that we cannot support problems
regarding the connection to AOL if you are able to connect to other
locations on the Internet.  Please contact AOL for further assistance on
any problems.

10.  WINNUKE - There is a bug in ALL versions of Windows (3.x, 95 and NT)
that will allow a remote user to crash your system.  A program has been
written which makes it easy to do and the word seems to be spreading.  If
you are using any of these operating systems we would recommend that you
visit the pages listed below and apply one of the fixes:
After you have installed a fix, you can test your system to see if it is
vulnerable.  Make sure you have nothing running other than your connection
and web browser and go to:

11.  E-MAIL REPLY ADDRESS - The software that we have been distributing
which includes the Internet Explorer has been configuring a strange
reply-to address of '@excel.net'.  This appears to be mainly happening on
Windows95 installations, but Windows3.1 users will want to check their
settings also.  It is not a problem with the Macintosh installation.  To
correct this problem it is necessary to follow these steps:

Windows 3.1 Internet Mail
- Start the mail program.
- Go to the Mail/Options... menu in the menu bar at the top of the
- Click on the Server tab.
- Verify that your e-mail address is correct and formatted properly.  It
  should look like juser@excel.net with the "juser" part containing your
  specific address.
- Click OK to save the changes.

Windows 95 Internet Mail
- Start the mail program.
- Go to the Mail/Options... menu in the menu bar at the top of the
- Click on the Server tab.
- Verify that your e-mail address is correct and formatted properly.  It
  should look like juser@excel.net with the "juser" part containing your
  specific address.
- Click on the Advanced Settings button.
- The field labeled "Reply To" probably contains the value "@excel.net".  
  This is the main cause of the problem and it should be erased.
- Click OK until the settings windows are gone.

12.  COOKIES - We have received a lot of people asking questions about
cookies lately.  Here is the definition that Netscape gives for a cookie:

	Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections
	(such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information
	on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple,
	persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities 
	of Web-based client/server applications. 

Basically, it is simply a way for a page to send some information to your
system so that they can track such things as what pages you visited, when
you last visited, what preferences you have for the page,...  The files
are generally small and therefore do not take up much space on the hard
drive.  If you are constantly receiving "Security Alert" boxes about
cookies you can automatically accept them be either:
-  Clicking the "Do not show this warning in the future" box the next time 
   you get a Security Alert box
-  Go into the View/Options menu of Internet Explorer and click on the 
   Advanced tab.  Uncheck the box which says "Warn before accepting

has released an upgrade to the Dial-up Networking software which is
included in Windows95.  We would recommend that anybody who has had
problems either making the connection (ie. you have gotten the "famous" -
Could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols) or has lost the
connection even though they were actively using the system, download this
update.  It is available either from the Windows95 page on Microsoft's site
or the direct address is: 
Please read the download and installation instructions carefully as it is
necessary to download and install two items (the winsock upgrade and the
DUN upgrade) to properly complete the installation.  As noted in the
documentation - after the installation you will have TWO dial-up adapters
in your Network control panel.  This is normal and OK.  You should not
need to make any changes after installing these programs to get the
upgrades to work for you.

14.  EMAIL UPGRADE - It appears that there is a lot of confusion regarding
the latest upgrade that we made to our e-mail system so I would like to
re-explain it.  What we implemented will NOT currently prevent people from
sending junk mail to our mail boxes.  It is meant to stop the companies
who send out these messages from using our mail program to make it appear
to the recipient of the junk mail that it came from an Excel.Net account.
We did not want this happening for two reasons, first it puts an
additional strain on our mail system (they usually send tens of thousands
messages at a time) and second we do NOT want the reputation for allowing
people to send this junk mail out as we do not agree with it or promote
it.  With this new system in place, it will be possible for us in the
future to try to block our customers from getting junk mail from these
people.  The thing that you need to be careful though when implementing
this is that you are specific about the addresses and sites that you block
so that you are not filtering out legitimate messages that should be able
to get through.  We are looking into this, and when implemented we will
post a listing of the addresses filtered so that you are aware of them.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable. 

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