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Excel.Net, Inc.						    April 25, 1997
			      Newsletter #10

1.  CONTRACT CHANGES - We have made a couple of changes to the operating
agreement that you all signed when you started your service.  You can view
the changes to this online using your web browser.  It can be found by
going into the 'For Members Only' link from our home page or directly at: 

2.  MANITOWOC ACCESS - On April 18th Excel.Net began providing local
dialup access to the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area.  If you have any friends
in that area which are looking for local access, we would appreciate the
referrals.  Also, remember to have them give us your name so that you will
receive the $5.00 referral credit on the next billing.  To support those
customers we have added a toll-free support number which is: (888)489-9995. 
This number will not be available to Sheboygan or Plymouth customers.

3.  TELEPHONE NUMBERS - We recently had a customer who discovered that
they were dialing into our service using the wrong telephone number with
their modem. All users may want to check this to insure that they are
calling the correct number.  The numbers for our different locations are: 
	Sheboygan		452-0513
				208-3055  (33,600 access)
	Plymouth		892-7005  All 33,600
	Fond du Lac		926-0258  Soon to be all 33,600
	Manitowoc		683-9200  All 33,600

You can check the numbers by following the directions below, based on your

- Macintosh/PPP:  Start up the ConfigPPP program and press the Configure
button.  This will bring up another window which shows the phone number.
Change it if necessary, and click Done to exit the window.

- Windows 3.1/Trumpet Winsock:  Start up the Trumpet Winsock program and
go to the Dialler/Setup.cmd menu option.  The first item to be displayed
will be the phone number.  If necessary change it and click OK.  After
that you will see a modem initialization string, simply click OK. 

- Windows 3.1/Internet Explorer:  Double click on the Excel.Net icon and
then press the Properties button.  The phone number will be displayed.
Change it if necessary and click OK to exit the window.

- Windows 95/Dial-Up Networking:  Open up the My Computer icon, and double
click on the Dial-Up Networking folder.  Click the right mouse button on
the Excel.Net icon.  When his brings up a menu, select Properties with the
left mouse button and a new window should be displayed.  Change the phone
number if necessary and click OK to exit.

3.  INTERNET EXPLORER DOWNLOAD - We have now changed our software package
which we distribute to new customers.  It contains the latest version of
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 (bugs removed - see below), and the
configuration necessary to connect with our service.  We want to make it
available for ALL of our customers, so we have developed a page to
download the software.  This is available by going to our main home page
(http://www.excel.net/) and then into the 'Internet Tools' section.  Then
click on 'Excel.Net Recommended Tools'.  Follow the Internet Explorer link
to download and install the software. Customers who signed up for our
service after April 11th have received the updated software.  Users prior
to this should read the message below and download the patch or download
the entire new version from our site. 

4.  INTERNET EXPLORER BUG! - There have recently been a couple of SERIOUS
bugs found in the Windows95/NT version of Microsoft Internet Explorer
(version 2.0 and 3.0). Basically, people are able to create web pages
which run programs on your computer without your knowing.  Microsoft has
quickly created a patch for version 3.0 (if you are using 2.0, upgrade to
3.0 there will not be a fix).  You can find out all of the information
about this problem at:  http://www.microsoft.com/ie/security/update.htm. 
It will also show you how to get the update and install it on your system. 
Windows 3.1 and Macintosh users are not affected by this problem. 

5.  AUTO-WITHDRAWAL - We know have the ability to do an auto-withdrawal
from checking or savings accounts.  We would ask everybody (including
credit card customers) to consider using this option.  It provides an
extremely easy method for you to pay your bill monthly, eliminates keying
errors which may be made against your account, and doesn't require you to
send in a check each month.  If you would like to start using this plan,
send me an e-mail with the subject of: Auto-withdrawal and we will send
you the information you need to get started.  If you have any questions on
how this might work or want additional details let me know, we would like
to have as many people using this as possible.

6.  TELEPHONE LINES - We have always monitored usage on our lines and
added additional lines as needed, to keep busy signals at an absolute
minimum.  We now have the ability to monitor how many busy signals people
are receiving and at what time of the day this happened.  This will
greatly help us to know when and how many lines to add.  As for lines, the
current status for each of our locations is as follows: 

	City			# Lines	   Comments
	=====================	=======    ===============================	
	Sheboygan		 110       8 more added on April 25!
	Plymouth		  48	   8 more added on April 25!
	Fond du Lac		  30	   16 of the lines are now 33,600
				  	   and the remaining lines will
					   be upgraded in a phased plan.
					   They need to be sent to the 
					   manufacturer, so we will be
					   upgrading 4 at a time. 5 more
					   on April 21!
	Manitowoc		  12	   More will be added as needed

7.  NAUGHTY ROBOT/GOOD TIMES - Lately it appears that some of our
customers have received e-mail concerning either the Naughty Robot (which
claims to have discovered a lot of information about you through a glitch
in the Internet) or the Good Times Virus (which says if you read the
message your hard drive will be wiped clean).  Both of these are hoaxes
and have been circulating on the Net for a while.  I have included a link
which talks about these two and also many other hoaxes: 

8.  AOL4FREE.COM - A number of customers alerted us (Thanks!) to a virus
which has been produced.  It claims to give you AOL service for free, and
when you run the program it begins deleting files on your hard drive.  If
you want additional information about this program check out the following
page: http://ciac.llnl.gov/ciac/bulletins/h-47a.shtml.

9.  MWAVE MODEMS - These modems are being included with most Aptiva
systems and also some others.  We have experienced problems with them and
started doing some investigation.  We discovered that many versions of
these modems are actually broken.  There are a couple of web pages that
you can visit for more information:
http://watson.mbb.sfu.ca/mwave.html   - General MWave information
http://www.rosenet.net/~costmo/pn/ibm.html - Notes, the bottom of this
		page contains some files to download to update the modem
		with the latest drivers.

10.  TRUMPET WINSOCK - We have recently received a number of calls from
users who have been using Trumpet Winsock saying that they are getting a
lot of messages on the Window.  You can eliminate these messages by going
into Trumpet, and then selecting the Trace menu.  Make sure that none of
the items in this menu have a check mark in front of them.  If they do,
remove it.  This will not only eliminate the messages from displaying, it
will increase the performance of your connection.

11.  PAST DUE ACCOUNTS - We have recently informed all of our past due
accounts of their status and intend to implement a new policy.  If
accounts become more than two months delinquent in their billing they will
be terminated, although they can be reactivated within the first month
without any loss of mail.  This step was necessary so that lines are not
being tied up for our paying customers (and that is the majority of you,

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know.  We appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience 
is enjoyable. 

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