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			      March 24, 1995

I wanted to go over a few errors that we have encountered, pointers we
want to mention and anything else I feel you may want to know.  If anybody
has any suggestions or ideas for the next newsletter, just drop me some
E-Mail and we will add it to the next newsletter. 

1.  Thank you for the kind referrals.  They are greatly appreciated.  If 
you refer a friend to us and they tell us that you referred them, you 
will receive five free hours (or a $5.00 credit) on your next statement.  
Keep up the good work.

2.  We have been asked by a number of our customers what we are doing 
with their credit card numbers.  Do not worry, they are not being stored 
on our computer.

3.  We plan to do all of our billings on the same time frame - from the 
first of the month to the end of the month.  This is much easier for the 
administrator - me.  For the first month, however, we will only be 
billing the customer for the time used (no 20 hour miniumum).  If, for 
example, you only used 10 hours in the month of March, your next months 
bill of $20.00 will show a $10.00 credit.  There are a number of you, 
however, who have already used more than 20 hours since our billing 
period started on March 20.  In such a case, you will be billed for 
$20.00 plus the overage on your next bill (less any referral credits, of 

4.  We have set an idle time on the system of 10 minutes.  What this 
means is that if you are on the system, but doing nothing for 10 minutes 
(the doorbell rang, for example), the system will automatically log you 
off.  This feature is a favor to you to avoid such situations.

5.  For those of you who have an option on your E-Mail to check E-Mail 
automatically after a certain number of minutes, it is absolutely 
NECESSARY that you set this time for more than 10 minutes (we suggest 15 
minutes).  If your E-Mail is checking every 5 minutes, your idle time 
never starts and you can easily forget to log off the system and build up 
a big bill for you.

6.  We plan on sending our billing statements to you via E-Mail.  It will 
be a simple statement letting you know your total hours for the month 
along with what you owe us or what will be charged to your credit card 

7.  We should be getting our business cards this weekend.  If anybody
would like a couple, a large stack of them (to hand out to your friends,
of course), or just one to keep by your computer, let me know and we can
either drop them off or snail-mail them to you. 

8.  We have given everybody a second E-Mail address.  Your new E-Mail
address is listed above.  The E-Mail address we previously gave you will
work as well so there is no need to worry if you already gave it to all
your friends.  Somebody at Alpha.Net suggested to me that everybody likes
this new method better so we thought we would give it a try.  If your name
is John Doe, your 2 E-Mail addresses would be jdoe@excel.net and
john.doe@excel.net.  There are, of course, exceptions here for business
accounts.  If you are unhappy with your email address and would like to
use some sort of call name or anything else, we can easily accomodate you. 
We can even set up a third e-mail address for you if you would like.  All
of your mail containing different addresses will still be located in the
same file, of course. 

9.  Several people have asked us where they can get their hands on a 
program to keep track of their time on the internet.  You should be able 
to FTP a program from mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu   The program is located in 
directory /pub/win3/winsock and is entitled slipdb10.zip    Good luck 
and let us know if you have any problems.

10.  Could everybody please send me an E-Mail message when you get this 
letter just so that I know you are set up correctly and actually checking 
your E-Mail.  I would hate to send you an important message or a 
statement and hear that you never received it.

11.  If for any reason you are having problems with the system or simple
configuaration problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We
will do our best to help you in any way we can. 

Thank you all for all of your patience and support.

     ___                                                         _\\|//_
    /   ) ')        ') ')                                        (-0-0-)
    \_    /_   _    /  /     ----------------------------------oo0-(_)-0oo---
      \  /  ) /_)  /  / / )       Shelly K. Weidig a/k/a Seashell
 (____/ /  / (_,  /  / (_/      Shelly.Weidig@Excel.Net (Administrator)
                        /     http://www.excel.net/seashell/sweidig.html
                    `--'    Excel.Net: Ph:(414)452-0455  Fax:(414)452-8118


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