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Beginners HTML help
HTML Goodies: A great HTML resource from the basics of getting a page started to advanced html like tables and frames.
W3 Schools:The world's largest web development site - educate yourself.
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners: Everything from making your first home page to promoting your site can be found here. Great for the beginner and the experienced webmaster as well. The site also has links to other resources, including books on HTML and other websites.
Fonts in Web Design: Just as handwritten calligraphy lends a personal touch to a special note or card, the right font can add whimsical style to a child's card or children's story. A flowing script can give a handwritten touch to personal emails, or a formal crisp font can grab attention of your business card. Includes links to many font sites!
Image Archives
A+B+C GIANT: A huge selection of animated gifs, backgrounds, icons and other images can be found here to add some pizazz to any bland website.
All Clip Art Site: Another great resource for web clipart, this site also features links to other web image archives.
Clipart Connection: A great image archive site that has many different clipart images to add to your website.
Sound Clip Archives
SoundCentral: This site has many different sound clips to choose from. They can be used in web pages, or whatever else you can think of using them for.


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