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 Badger Tag & Label
Labor Organizations
 Cedar Grove-Belgium Education Association
Lamp Shades
Law Enforcement
 Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department
Lawn & Garden
 Miller Power Equipment
Lawn Maintenance
 M & K Lawn Services
Lawn Mowers
Leather Cleaning/Repair
Leather Products
 Kohler Public Library
 Mead Public Library
Lighting - Design/Supplies
 Manning Lighting
Life Development
 Christian Life Assembly
Limousine Service
Linen Supply
Liquid Storage Systems
 Petro-Chemical Systems, Inc.
Liquor Stores
Livestock Breeders
 Pinehurst Farms
 Ryl Shetland Sheep Farm
Livestock - Llamas
 La Mara Springs
Livestock - Sheep
 Ryl Shetland Sheep Farm
Llama Fiber
 La Mara Springs
Locks & Locksmithing
 Crystal Lake Lodge
 English Manor Bed & Breakfast
 The Fringe Country Inn
 Gilbert Huson House Bed & Breakfast
 Plymouth Inn
 Rochester Inn
 Spring Tulip Cottage
 St. Brendan's Inn
 Tauschek's Log Home Bed and Breakfast
 Behr Optical
Luggage Repair
 Arnst Zipper Shop
 Wickes Lumber


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